*Final few moments of recording from the flight deck of Colonialist’s computer before all signals were lost…*

 *muttering to himself* The jungle has really taken advantage of the time I have been out of action. It won’t even allow me to get to the beach any more …

 *after long pause* Listen to those toads! Must be some bad weather coming ….

 *another pause, with loud background croaking sounds, then a crash* What? Oh, it’s Toby-the-Wimp forcing the door open. He must have heard the storm approaching. All right, then, you can stay …


*longer pause, then sound of thunder*  He’s right, as always. Here it comes. Hmm … sounds like a bad one.

 *pause* Yes, and here’s a gale with it. I’d better shut the window.

 *pause, with increasingly loud crashes of thunder and sounds of wind, then a cry of alarm*   I can’t!   The window catch is all tied up with creeper!   And the creeper’s creeping in at me! AAAARGH!!!


*communication ceases*

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About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels, with notes writing classical music, and with riding cycles, horses and dinghies.
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10 Responses to A CREEPY ENDING

  1. Nicola says:

    Yes, there’s a hint of a Dr Who episode with that creeper :-)


  2. joberry2 says:

    It’s all just triffids, I say.


  3. Chillingly verdant, Col :-D
    Only you could have a black box on your laptop….


  4. optie says:

    Come back Col!


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