‘3: being or appearing mean, miserable, or contemptible <dressed in wretched old clothes>’ 

Wretched are the truly mean:
With avarice consulting
Means they as sorry sights are seen,
Contempt for them resulting;
No means can save them from distaste,
The means mean gain a total waste,
And so, demeaned, retreat in haste,
By no means worth insulting. 

Wretched is as wretched does
There can be no denying,
Turn to drugs to get a ‘buzz’?
The fates one is defying;
Though filled with fame, then he or she
Is wretched as a wretch can be,
And no true happiness will see -
Such should deserve decrying. 

Wretches worse can walk the earth,
Than those in rags and tatters.
An impression of their worth
Is what most truly matters;
When one will harm no man nor beast -
Nor woman, in the very least! -
No mind if clothes are torn and creased,
The wretch-illusion – shatters! 

(At 141 words, more than 33 and comfortably less than 333.) 

Colonialist February 2012 (Letterdash/WordPress)

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About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels, with notes writing classical music, and with riding cycles, horses and dinghies.
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  1. SidevieW says:

    thought provoking. how little could it take to tip one over the edge and out of society?


  2. 68ghia says:

    Well written – as always Col ;-)


  3. Well said Col.


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