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Mainly from Oz these Really Awful Creatures Woz

PUN ALERT!* If pandas emanate from  panda-monium, And panderingly sing with  a euphonium, Emus-ingly, while emus  emu-late them too In voices that would truly  make a kanga rue The hearing of it; how, then,  could Koala Bear To ko-al’a way … Continue reading

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Liver Bit Dangerously – a Really Awful Laugh!

  When hyenas near to a river Do a ‘Stand and de-liver’, then, To tear your guts and eat your liver, They’d be acting as highwaymen?   After that, if thirst overcame them – Salty livers for this one would … Continue reading

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A cat is a creature with pins on its paws; A rather nice set of sharp fangs in its jaws;   You make them disjointed,   Responses are pointed – You pause with the jaws and the claws as the … Continue reading

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Welsh Rabbit!

Spring has sprung, and grass is rizzy – With mowers we will soon be bizzy? This picture is to say Rabbit – but this month I’ll do it in Welsh. ‘Aha!’ I hear you cry triumphantly.  ‘That isn’t “rabbit”, it’s … Continue reading

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Targeted by a mischievous demon.

Much time has been spent on home-to-be this week.  Above is one result. A weekend high(low)light: I want access through some private land and applied by email for a key, as invited on a notice at the (Fort Knox-type) entrance.  … Continue reading

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Friends for Tea and Patriotic Privates

Our visitors for tea Don’t always take a seat – Some use the table, see? I think that’s kind of neat.   Here Minky reaches out To take a little snack – Base leaves one in no doubt That colonies … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue: Daisy Daze Days …

I thought these two studies of not eating the daisies do have some discourse with one another?  For more Dialogue interpretations, go to the Weekly Photo Challenge here. © Colonialist August 2014 (WordPress)

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