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Showed up until show down.

The Exhibition with a long name closed at 17h00 today, and then a large group of exhausted exhibitors had to start packing away and clearing out.   I am now officially more bushed than the Amazon Forest.  Anyway, it was … Continue reading

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No show due to show – a fair affair, fair enough?

This shows why my attention is fully occupied at the moment.  The (takes deep breath) Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs for the Province of KwaZulu Natal (pant, pant) has organised – very well, I may say – a … Continue reading

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Pee see, really awfully.

WARNING:  May be considered offensive.  In fact, the full intention is for it to offend certain offensive readers very deeply – those meddling, mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, smarmy, infantile, holier-than-thou, illogical, proselytizing, mentally challenged and ugly members of the Pathetically Conciliatory persuasion. … Continue reading

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Flying Insect Really Awful Nonsense Rhyme

And for some rhyme but no real reason:  You’re going fly-fishing and hoping for trout – But how to select a good fly you’re in doubt? Well, if you’ve a hardware store somewhere about, Fly-screening’s the thing that will sort … Continue reading

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Sweeny Todd – the Rave Continues

Those of you who ever had minds … that is to say, those of you who had minds you could cast back as far, may remember this: Take full note, because what you will experience in this production from the … Continue reading

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Rave Review Alert on an Outstanding Sweeny Todd.

We have just returned from a performance of the Durban production of the musical Sweeny Todd.  I will need some time to form up and drill a platoon of suitable superlatives before I write the review proper, but let it … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture Marine and Floral.

My selection for the Texture theme this week: MOWER AND MOWER WORK IN PROGRESS Parquet floor Is no more – To the dump  In a lump. Weedeater – A defeater; Mower one – Still no fun; Two – bust for … Continue reading

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