Preparations for making the R party appealing and attracting lots of votes rose to a total frenzy this morning, with all sorts of tidying and culinary activities going on. Meanwhile, the popularity was obviously on the increase, with extra people advising that they wanted to join.

Claimer: No kids were killed or more than slightly injured in the making of this documentary.

I don’t know about the polls so much, but I can assure you that the poles of the gazebo took a battering when a brisk south-westerly wind blew all day. Said gazebo tried to double as a windsurfer, and the jumping castle was also airborne and at one stage blown over complete with a startled complement of young guests. Still, the party members survived it all and remained faithful.

Anyway, before arrivals arrived I tried to trim some grass from bromeliads (suitably gloved) but then shed a glove to give a good yank at a patch. It came away – and my hand was well stabbed onto the point of clippers I was holding in the other hand. Then the clipper hand recoiled into a spiky bromeliad.  Oh well, same as with playing with pets, gardening is a blood sport. You bleed a lot while doing it.

Now, some pictures showing mobs to rival the crowds at the recent Buck House balcony scene. We had to squeeze 17 cars into the garden.
Almost everywhere I took pictures R managed to be somewhere else, by the way:

Some of the early arrivals starting to amuse themselves.

‘Pass the Parcel’ with a good view of Baby-J-in-Waiting to the left! R is actually in the background of this one. 

You can see that fare was not exactly stinted. It got well-attacked, though. 

A Treasure Hunt involved guests finding a matching label, and then digging in the sand for a gift for themselves.

More handouts for guests on departure. 

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  1. Cindy says:

    What a spread, lucky little people 🙂
    (Sorry about your hand.)


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