I have always found the subject of twins, and actual twins, quite fascinating. Perhaps it is a reflection of being a last-minute only child, and not having had siblings to fight with. It is also a reflection of having known quite a few twins who have seemed to act in a kind of partnership.

In fact, I have carried this fascination rather too far into successive novels – and must stop! The Tabika books have twins, and the latest novel I have just completed has brother and sister a year apart, who behave like twins. (Anyway, all other elements are totally different.)

I found it triply fascinating to see, at young R’s party yesterday, a set of triplets. Two of them are identical with dark complexions and black hair. The third is lighter in complexion, and blonde.

I would love to find out more about their interaction, but got little chance to chat to the mom – who is, I gather, a single mother who must battle a lot to keep everything under control! I noticed that the two dark ones tended to walk hand-in-hand and exchange that sort of silent communication I have often seen with twins. They also finished one another’s verbal communications. Was that a thing of the moment, or is the third sister sidelined by them? If so, that would be a tough position for her to be in, and a tremendous challenge for a parent. Spoil the one without sibling support? Try and encourage more interaction with her by the others? What would be the best way to handle such a situation, I wonder.

You must admit that it is a fascinating area for speculation.

(Inspired by the side view theme for the weekend.) 

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  1. I have also been fascinated by twins and triplets. This inspired me to write a thriller about triplets. They were born in a country with a law that requires a woman who give birth to triplets to kill two of the triplets. Their mother decides to go against this law, a crime punishable by death. The book is called “My Two Selves and I” and is available in kindle store.


  2. It certainly is fascinating 🙂 Reminds me of the character at Rochester’s house party in Jane Eyre who is studying twins. Great post, Col!


  3. Cindy says:

    It is fascinating Col, I yearned for a twin as a child.


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