You know the way rainbows tell you the rain is over?   They lie.   (View from home.)


  I seem to be losing in more ways than one. My mind – such bits of it as I have managed to retain, anyway – for starters. On Saturday I went with Much Better Half to drop posters for Friday’s book launch at Adams in Musgrave Centre. ‘Only be a few minutes,’ I said cheerfully, as I zoomed away, leaving her in the car. Now, I always get confused in the parking there, so I took careful note of floor and entrance. In record time, I did my thing, and went to where I was sure the car was. It wasn’t.

  I walked up and down disbelievingly. No car.

  For an hour and in increasing desperation, I hunted. On leaving, I’d found that my cellphone hadn’t taken a charge, so I hadn’t brought it. I had visions of the car, MBH and all, having been abducted, and all sorts of awful things.

  For the umpteenth time, I emerged from what I thought was the right entrance and looked for the car without success. I was just about to dive into the depths of the Centre once more when I heard ‘our’ whistle, and found a highly irate MBH glaring at me. She had seen me appear and disappear twice before. 

  When I got to the car, the penny dropped. Every time I have visited Musgrave Centre recently, I have taken our white Opel, and that’s what I was looking for. On this occasion, though, we were in our red Toyota … 

  We were nearly late for a Garden Lovers’ Tea, where I had to do a Power Point presentation. Seeing that it is only this week that I have ever tried to put a slide show onto Power Point, I had to go through the learning curve rather fast, with a natural loss of blogging time and opportunity. 

  In fact, even more ‘losing it’ was when I decided to devote much of Sunday to catching up with blogging, but the fates were determined I should lose that opportunity. Our once-a-week gardener said he had noticed some seriously sagging tiles on the side of the granny flat roof we can’t normally see. I got up for a look, and shortly thereafter I was stripping tiles off a large patch while looking worriedly at the weather. The timber battens underneath that section had rotted, leaving this very sag situation. 
  After much labour and some inevitable bleeding and uncharacteristic bad language, I got some new timber in place and put the tiles back. Then I discovered a broken one in another section and had to replace it.  Having got the hang of it,  I recalled that another part of roof in the main house was letting in water for the same reason of a rotted beam, so I went and stripped those tiles and did the same job. At the end of that one, quite impossibly, I was a tile short. No, it hadn’t slid off the roof, and no, there hadn’t been any gap when I started. You tell me???!!!! Fortunately, I have spares.

  I got the job finished before dark and just before the rain resumed.   Now, fates, please may I blog a bit? 

  P.S. Fates said no. Other hassles turned up.  *deep sigh*

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About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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4 Responses to LOSING IT

  1. Fate is seldom kind.


  2. adeeyoyo says:

    As above too. I have to consciously memorize exactly where I park now after reporting it missing/stolen once only to have the car guards ‘find’ it to my mortification!


  3. Cindy says:

    What Kate said!


  4. I make a point of losing the car at least twice a week. Sorry it’s been such a tempestuous time: but if you knew how impressive it sounds, combining ‘book launch’ with ‘stripping tiles and replacing timber’….you have many, many string to your bow…


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