My eldest granddaughter, who has just written her ‘GCSE’ in England and will now move on to College, posted this on her FB page:

 What’s your favorite game from when you were a kid?

Can’t pick. Spyro, Pacman World, Ratchet and Clank 1, Jack and Daxter, Simpsons hit and run and Starwars battlefront 2 were good and the first Harry Potter playstation game was amazing!! I miss them

I responded that none of ours involved any computer equipment.  I would have expected that the thought of such dreadful deprivation would horrify her and her friends, and she did say, ‘Strange to think.’ She also supposed, to my surprise, that it would have been good in a lot of ways.

I recall that we played a lot of Monopoly and similar, and many card games, when indoors.

I was then also reminded of a game we used to play in mixed teams of adults and children, on the beach of Knysna Lagoon at low tide, called ‘Hasie’. Large squares would be marked out, and the defenders were placed on the back lines of each pair of squares while the other team tried to get one of their number through without being touched.  One breaking through successfully would yell ‘Hasie’ and that person would get to be the next ‘Hasie’ (able to run on all the lines) as leader of the new defending team. It was enormous fun, and good exercise. I am glad to be told that granddaughter has also played a version of it called ‘Bulldog’.

 I wonder, though, just how prevalent such games are?

 Talking of eldest granddaughter, I was amused to note that after having just finished her schooldays with a brilliant Prom she was now reading Harry Potter for light relief. Only, the version she is reading is Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapidus.   Yes, you guessed it – she is reading it in Latin! Just for fun! *deeply impressed*

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  1. Ronel says:

    I looked up the word ‘Hasie’ on the internet, as I am editing a wonderful book on our childhood by my sister. Our Hasie was a variation of hopscotch, where the pattern in the dirt would be a bunny shape, and you would jump one-leg or two-legs in a pattern, turn in the air at the ears and jump back with amazing dexterity.


  2. Latin! That girl can’t be normal 😀 Before computers I would play, chess, lego building, monopoly and hide-and-seek with my brothers. Break times at school it was mostly rope skipping and hopscotch.


  3. granny1947 says:

    Damn caps.
    Ready it in latin…hmmmm….you don’t think she is just a little wierd?


  4. Melanie says:

    remembering the gqames and fun. skop-die-blik, hopscotch, riding around the veld on bikes, water races, diving for cents etc etce tc….. gosh yes we were busy little beavers


  5. Cindy says:

    I though R was your oldest grand-dort.


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