I forgot to show this picture of a seed tray lunch Much Better Half had at Hillier Gardens. Isn’t it clever? You plant the lettuce seeds for your salad. The only shortcoming I thought of was that they didn’t provide any potting soil, and that one might find the rest of the lunch a wee bit stale by the time the lettuce was ready? 
  Yesterday had another of the magnetically attractive car boot sales, this one at Netley Marsh, where for the outlay of a whole £1.50 I gained a new cycling helmet, and a reflective waistcoat.
A lot of clearing overgrown areas then took place with the brush cutter, and finally Much Better Half and I took a ride to the local Superstore to replenish wine stocks, which was expensive, and put in fuel, which was even more so.
  Towards evening, I was about to do some work on the computer when I was called out to explain where I had last put the charcoal, in order that a planned braai of lamb chops could happen. The food was lovely. The wine went down well. A perfect evening, with views of cattle and cats and dogs close by, and of wild rabbits and deer a little more distant, provided the perfect setting.
See that rock?                                  It isn’t! 

  I finally returned to continue with blogs etc, and discovered that I had left the computer vulnerable to kitten reprogramming.   The right-hand side of the keyboard was now delivering numbers and symbols instead of letters.   I realise that most of you geniuses will have realised instantly what had happened.   I didn’t.  After pressing keys in various combinations to no avail, I decided to go onto the internet to find out what to do about it. Of course, I couldn’t.  Half the letters I needed to ask questions with were missing.   I commented, ‘Aaaargh!’ accompanied by some other choice observations.
  With more frantic fiddling I finally found that FN (programme) key, when held down, enabled me to type normal letters. Breakthrough!    I went onto the internet and in due course found out that my Number Lock was on (you all knew that, didn’t you?), and that I should press the NUM LOCK button to fix things. Yay!
   Then, the most diligent of searches failed to reveal any such button.   Boo! Accompanied by hoo-hoo!
   I was on the verge of insanity – or maybe sanity, seeing that insanity is said to be my normal state – when some exceptionally intelligent soul wrote that on laptops without Num Lock buttons, you press the FN or programme key, together with F11.
   That done, I was back in business – and it was far too late to do anything more!
   Today, a Bank Holiday, was a case of another day, another boot sale.

   This was at Strawberry Fields, which are at the far side of Brockenhurst.  I love the New Forest – isn’t this a gorgeous home, just opposite?

  Anyway, I was looking for something I could use for a temporary computer work station in our tiny guest room, and which would also be useful to the family after we left.   This portable camping cooking stand is what I found for £4 (well, he wanted £5) which only needed me to store the shelves and wind-screen which came with it away, and – bingo! – one slimline computer desk!

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About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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  1. Tokeloshe says:

    So glad that you can make time to blog 😉
    Enjoy your vacation.


  2. colonialist says:

    I love driving, cycling or riding through the New Forest, and the Rufus Stone, hitherto missed for various reasons, is on our to-do list.


  3. That is a very nice desk indeed….the New Forest is fantastic: lovely house…have you visited the Rufus Stone? Nothing like visiting the site of a really gory pointless death for a good day out 😀


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