Gloria Borman – Pic by Sherelee Clarke for Independant Newspapers

 The African Nutty Conglomeration, in now stating it intends to ‘discipline’ the two members who refused to vote in favour of the iniquitous ‘Secrecy’ bill, Ben Turok and Gloria Borman, is painting itself into a corner.

 We have two possibilities here. The first is that their Constitution has been misread as giving them the right to insist that members vote for measures on ‘party’ lines, regardless of where the individuals’ own consciences lead them in the matter.

 Actually, the only section of the Constitution I could find in support of such contention is Rule 5, where under ‘Rights and Duties of the Members’ it states that a member will Observe discipline, behave honestly and carry out loyally decisions of the majority and decisions of higher bodies.’

 Does that include carrying out a decision to vote in a certain way? Not unless there is a completely flawed interpretation which sees it as condoning action which is morally wrong.

 The other possibility is that I may have missed some clause actually giving that right, in which case dishonesty is simply entrenched in their Constitution.

 What, after all, is a vote? It is a statement, by action, of personal support for, and endorsement of, whatever is being voted for. Thus, to vote for something one does not believe in is no more nor less than a lie. Furthermore, votes will be seen by the public as the measure of support the subject of the vote enjoys. Distorting that measure is, therefore, cheating the public. It can be said that any political party, anywhere in the world, which forces members to vote in favour of a measure the individuals do not personally support lacks moral integrity.

 Actually, the Constitution of the ANC casts serious doubt on its suitability as a ruling political party. In the preamble it is made clear that the prime objective is the ‘revolution’ against apartheid, and that providing leadership in the political sphere remains a secondary aspect even to this day.

 One also gains the impression that they are scared stiff of unruliness within their ranks. In a set of rules the meat of which is about 13750 words, a whole 4143 words – or some 30% – is taken up with Rule 25 relating to Discipline, and to its Appendix.

 The rhetoric in the Constitution contains little to solve the new causes of poverty and inequality as brought to sharp focus by the Zimbabwe model, while it continues to ascribe the whole root cause as having been white supremacy. They should realise that such gave the background of the demographics, but not of the poverty itself, and that current major contributing factors are serious shortcomings in good governance, productivity, expertise, work ethic, honesty and reliability.

 The party needs to get its members’ heads out of the sand of apartheid, or out of the clouds of self-aggrandizement and -enrichment (figuratively chopping many of them off in order to do so), and get on with governing a country in such a way that it can realise the enormous potential it still enjoys, despite all the escalating mismanagement over the past decade. 

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  1. adeeyoyo says:

    I simply do not understand why their members put up with all these self-serving individuals at the top of the heap. It’s not as if they don’t know… Thanks for posting this, Col!


  2. The corruption,the arrogance and the self serving is enough to drive one to drink.
    They have lost the plot.


  3. Nicola says:

    Excellent point – that voting for something one doesn’t believe in is more or less a lie. It appears that governments increasingly behave as if they inherit a piece of real estate when they are elected and forget the rest.


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