Extra regret – I’m late with this theme! So sue me.

          The first and most obvious regret relating to this picture of Mukurob, the ‘Finger of God’, near Asab, between Keetmanshoop and Mariental in South West Africa*, is that it is such a poor one. It is reproduced from a badly deteriorated slide we took in January, 1975. 

        The other regret is that this amazing sight may no longer be seen. The upper section of the sandstone formation fell in December 1988. Interestingly, a legend had grown among the Namaqua (a Khoi race now known as Nama) that its fall would signal the end of ‘white’ domination. The process for that was, indeed, well under way within weeks of the fall, although it took until 1990 for actual independence to be granted to what became Namibia.

        There is no regret about that adventurous trip, though. It was wonderful, and introduced us to a truly remarkable cat – the links may be found in the sidebar under ‘Ginger William of Orange’ in my ‘Settler’s Perspective‘ blog. 

*In Namibia, it no longer existed.

Colonialist February 2012 (Letterdash/WordPress)

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  1. Tokeloshe says:

    Great post!
    Even though we lived in SWA for three years, we didn’t visit Finger of God or a few other places, which we also regret.
    It is such a pity that our photos of the 70’s were so few and of poor quality ;-(


  2. blikskottel says:

    I never saw this thing and I feel at a loss for it.


  3. evea192 says:

    What a sad thing that a peace fell of, wished i could have seen this. But, i do not tend to go about that much, so my loss.


  4. adinparadise says:

    What an amazing pic. Interesting legend too.


  5. Sonel says:

    I nominated you for the Awesome Blog Content Award Col. Let me eat my words! LOL!


  6. Pity about that section falling, but you have the pic and seen it with your own eyes 🙂


  7. granny1947 says:

    My first thought when I looked at the photo was…one good blow!


  8. Tilly Bud says:

    How sad that it has gone.


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