O is for OCEAN, which is lots of water,
Often hurls at you, when it didn’t orter;
On top of oceans, one tends to feel sick,
Or, underneath them, to breathe is a trick;
Occupants of them, with teeth, like to eat
Off sticky-out bits, like hands or like feet;
Oh, what a shock, when you get to the shore
Omitting parts which you had there before!
Organised sports, there, some people may try –
Out on a yacht, with a sail up on high,
Orbiting buoys: what a silly pursu-it –
One can’t imagine why some of them do it!
Over the waves, some may stand on a plank,
Opting wave-power for motion to thank;
Others attached by some rope to a kite,
Offer a highly ridiculous sight!
Outings on paddle-skis some people choose,
Oar they might row, if their minds they might lose;
Oceanography’s stupid, I think –
Odd! Study water you can’t even drink?

© Colonialist April 2012 (WordPress/Letterdash)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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4 Responses to BLOGGING A-Z CHALLENGE – APRIL 17 – O

  1. I dont think I’ve ever come across anyone who can rhyme as well as you do 🙂


  2. Poor oceanography. It’s has a hell of a time…. 😀


  3. Sonel says:

    Absolutely stunning again Col and I love how you presented the pics! Awesome! 🙂


  4. Wow,Col, you really have a gift! I don’t know how you do this? A rhyme where allsentences start with an O? Great and I love the way that your pics are fitting in!!


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