Sadly, humans are often very dim when it comes to understanding us dogs, and they are greatly lacking in appreciation of some of the finer, more artistic things in life.

   Take today, for example. Toby, one of the border collies, spotted that Col was barefoot in T-shirt and baggies. This means ‘beach’. Toby told the rest of us what he’d seen, so we all went into our usual expressions of enthusiasm and excitement.    All we did was to leap around and yelp a bit, but we got shouted at.

   Anyway, we set off down the path with the older human puppy and a couple of human puppies that belong to the human who comes in to mind the younger puppy. As usual, Col wasted far too much time on the way down knocking plants out of his way with that long thing he carries (which, by the way is another thing that spells ‘beach’) so we objected to the slow pace and got yelled at some more.

   After that we all had a lovely run on the beach, and Col was pleased with us for finding a human living in a tent in the forest. Col yelled at him, too, but we didn’t mind that and added a few barks to back him up. 

   Col was in a bad mood at first, muttering, ‘Not a shell in sight,’ every now and again, but then he picked up two things he calls ‘cowries’ one after the other, and cheered up.

   That didn’t help later, though. I had found the most divinely ripe pile of poop – the type that gives the most powerful and enduring perfume – and so I rolled in it very thoroughly so as to plaster it firmly, particularly around my neck.

   When we got home, the mistress had a lot to say, and the next thing I knew was that I was being dragged off to a hose. Col solved the problem of not being able to put a collar on me – or it would have got in the way of my perfume – by strapping a belt round my middle. I got thoroughly squirted.

   When I went inside again, though, there was more yelling. Col then took me to the shower, and had one with me. I don’t know why he needed one because he hadn’t rolled in the perfume.

   After lunch he went out on business and came back late complaining about being stuck for an hour at a gridlocked intersection, whatever that may be. Who cares – I got a pasta leftovers dish to lick, so all is right with my world again. I do miss that lovely smell, though. I was hoping to keep it for a week.

Fond woofs and licks,


© June 2012 Colonialist (WordPress/Letterdash)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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  1. gipsika says:

    Annie is an Africanis? I thought they were more Egyptian shaped, very lean like wind hounds. Amazing dogs.

    How’s the Immy on your end?


  2. optie says:

    Ozzy here Annie, don’t understand my humans much either. Here we are at our holiday home and Dad is polluting the air with some very strong smelling stuff called varnish which is he putting on the kitchen counter. Meanwhile the sun is shining brightly and he could be lying on the grass with me having a cuddle. PS. I am sure I would have appreciated that perfume if I had been able to close enought to you XXX


  3. adinparadise says:

    Really cute post. I’m trying to imagine you and Annie together in the shower, but just can’t get the picture into my head. 😉 Maybe it’s just as well.


  4. aaaahhhh, Col! What a cute post!! I am so sad tonight because our old lady is battling and we were told that the best would be to put her down… we are still considering this and will see how she copes in the next couple of days. I absolutely hate this! I don’t want to make a decision like this!


  5. Nicola says:

    Delightful except the poop 🙂


  6. footsy2 says:

    Woof to you too, but no licks! (Yetch)


  7. Cute!

    Why did Col shout at the guy in the tent?


  8. Ruth2Day says:

    ahhhhh! cute. must admit I’d recommend not doing the poop-roll again!


  9. melouisef says:

    I also love my humans but as you I don’t always like them


  10. Marco says:

    Hehe – some humans, go figure! You should visit us in CT. Annie – lovely selection of teeny weeny squeaky-yap-yap dawgs who want to be eaten, er, played with. Afterwards you can have fun on the beach – alas the water is freezing and there aren’t many shells but there are lots of people to chase?


    • colonialist says:

      We have a couple of yappers in my pack – Mall teasers, the humans call them. They are a pest at times, particularly when Gemma takes attention from me by balancing for ages on her hind legs.


  11. Over here, we love life from the dog’s perspective!


  12. You describe what is a daily ritual for Macaulay here in the UK 😀


  13. Pussycat44 says:

    Hi there, Annie. You sounded a bit like Rockybaby’s Rocky dog with this post.
    I agree that humans can act strange sometimes, and your Col is obviously no exception!!
    He seems to have been in a rather obnoxious mood today, perhaps he didn’t “get it all” this morning 😉
    I’m sure you have forgiven him by now in spite of having to part with your perfume. I know you have a big heart and will be a faithful friend to him always.
    Love Pussycat44.


  14. newsferret says:

    She is a beauty!


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