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I am really late on this theme, but this little scene on my beach does seem to fit rather too well for me not to put it forward.  Of course, the fact that there is a distant figure in the … Continue reading

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That’s when the moon is out of sight – Not stealing all the thunder – (Though thunderclouds obscure them quite: That statement was a blunder!) For crowds of clouds mean stars are barred; The Southern Cross gets crosser; When on … Continue reading

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I’m going to take the government And yank them from their seats, And then set every one of them At cleaning up the streets; For those of them who demonstrate They have a few more brains, I’ll set tasks more … Continue reading

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This is a comment I have been considering dropping on certain blogs: ‘Hi there – Just to let you know that I am un-following in line with my new policy that, no matter how much I may enjoy their posts, … Continue reading

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THIS WEEK THE THEME ONE NEEDS TO DUE FOR SIDE VO IS BLIEW I really shouldn’t do another blue theme.  I mean, I anticiperatificated it on the 19th with my acclaimed song, the Doggy Poos on my Shoes Blues, didn’t … Continue reading

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  I have a movie you should see, And this will give the news That in my Blogger blog it be, Which I so seldom use; The hero is a bright young spark With quite a lot to say, But … Continue reading

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DAMP AWFUL Tomorrow the fambly are having another try at getting to the spot they didn’t get to over the last long weekend due to rain, snow, sleet, and lots of squidgy mud.  More bad weather is in the offing.  … Continue reading

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