Theme: The illusion of reality – set by side view.

What, then, is reality?
Reality is what you see?
Or, translated into word,
It becomes what you have heard?

No! When you have grown more wise
You will not believe your eyes,
And in ears, too, learn you must,
That you cannot place your trust.

Magic tricks are all around;
Lying speeches, too, abound;
What about the sense of smell?
No, you can’t trust that, as well.

Possum’s decomposing stink
Does not mean he’s dead, I think,
For it is a possum’s way
To ‘die’ to live another day!

In what’s real, the only fit
Is what you have made of it,
So, if it is real to you
That will simply have to do.

But it doesn’t mean to say
It is real in every way …
Thus, the only thing that’s real
Is illusion, don’t you feel?

 (I can’t embed YouTube on WordPress, so if you want the one I put with this rhyme you’ll find it on my Blogger post, HERE – The Platters, with The Great Pretender.)

 © October 2012 Colonialist (WordPress)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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  1. nrhatch says:

    Had to link this up with my Marketing Mascots post. Thanks, Col!


  2. Pingback: Marketing Mascots « Spirit Lights The Way

  3. Marco says:

    Hooray for the possum! I don’t know why that caught my attention but it did! Perhaps I’ve been overdoing it on the Dame Edna?


  4. Excellent job with that prompt!


  5. 68ghia says:

    A cool song that 😉
    As for illusion being the only real thing, I suppose the only reality is what you create for yourself – and if illusion plays a role there, so be it.
    Be that as it may. I prefer my fun in illusions – of happiness, of self worth, of untold riches – maybe something will rub off and the illusion might just become real.
    Then again, if wishes were horses…


    • colonialist says:

      It is, isn’t it? I couldn’t take it seriously for some time after Stan Freberg did a sendup on it.
      Sometimes one can make wishes come true. In the meantime the illusions are fun.


  6. susielindau says:

    I am a figment of my own imagination! Hahaha! I made that up last week on Twitter… aren’t we all???
    Love your poem!


  7. Its just an illusion …


  8. SidevieW says:

    I’m not sure a lot of the time what’s real and what isn’t


  9. The Asian says:

    Very good point in the last verse. I don’t think anyone can say what is really real and what’s actually an illusion…


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