There has been no defection,
But I lost my connection –
My internet
Got slower yet,
Until there was rejection.

To lack of blog selection
There came no quick correction;
Though lights were on
The net was gone,
Which led to much dejection.

In fact, all day my computer kept loading the first two of some 40 outstanding emails before bombing out each time, with the result that I ended up with strings of duplicates of those first two.  Add to this a car which refused to start, and a torrential downpour just when I picked young R from school, and I think it is safe to say I have known better days …

Then this fine fellow took up residence under the house, to the stridently vocal fury of MacGregor.  He was extremely happy to come out and be stroked when it wasn’t raining, though.  I took the picture to advertise round the neighbourhood, but in the late afternoon got a phone call from our new next-door neighbour to apologise for having trespassed by climbing over the wall to reclaim it.  I didn’t think he seemed like a cat person, with four large dogs, but I was wrong.  We now know where Merlin belongs if he visits us again.

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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  1. Gobetween says:

    I’m having problems too, have to restart the modem several times and internet explorer keeps on bombing on me 😦
    At least you helped one lost cat to find his way back.


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  3. Pussycat44 says:

    This crazy weather has been the cause of lots of problems. My tv aerial has been blown off course and I’m still waiting for the tv man to come and sort it out. He cannot work when it’s raining.
    At least our roof has been fixed, so that’s a consolation.


  4. 68ghia says:

    Merlin the magic cat – I have one of those that wanders to my garden every so often. Don’t know his name though, and Chaplin, the big black cat sorts the visitor out sharpish. I then have to listen to the sorting out cacophony. Never a fun exercise, and even less so at 2 am…
    As for the rest of your day – there will be days like that, to quote the immortal, is it Cat Stevens? Or some such…


  5. optie says:

    Commiserations Col, I had my fair share of connectivity problems and spam emails last week. My laptop still loses it’s wireless connection at least once a day necessitating a reboot.


  6. newsferret says:

    On the bright side your cats now have a neighbour too!


  7. adinparadise says:

    I would have thought that the visit to the dentist would have been first on your list of ‘awfuls’. What a day! Glad that Merlin was claimed, but I bet he’ll be around for some more stroking, before long. 🙂


  8. susielindau says:

    Too funny! I feel your pain with your computer. My malware virus protector finally nabbed the little bugger.. 🙂


  9. 😀 Sorry to laugh but if we carry on like this, people will start thinking this country has no connectivity whatsoever! I’m finally up and running again. Hope you can say the same as well, really soon. At least I understand your pain


    • colonialist says:

      Well, recently connectivity between braincells of certain of our citizens has been sadly lacking, hasn’t it?
      It is really most annoying when one finally makes time for the computer, and the computer has no time for one!


  10. The Asian says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome day 😛 Hope that tomorrow improves.

    I always feel lost if I don’t have Internet connection whether it’s with y phone or computer. It’s terrible how I’ve become so dependent on it


  11. What a lovely bloke Merlin is!


  12. colonialist says:

    I sort of omitted to mention that I also went to the dentist today for four fillings. Such fun.


  13. Lisaman says:

    Neighbours cats are always in my garden…I’m not such a lover of dogs and cats so when they are inside I get quite frantic!!! 😉


  14. Zirkie says:

    I keep on leaving comments everywhere, but nobody seems to get them?


  15. Zirkie says:

    I had the same problems in Cape Town, Col and BrownieGirl also!! There must have been a major Internet problem somewhere?


  16. zannyro says:

    Sorry you had such a lousy day…but your adventure with Merlin sounds kind of fun! Hope all is straightened out now 🙂


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