(Do I have to spell it out?  I mean, I haven’t a cooking flue.)

The Ponk Pilkadot Food Quiz No 80

1.  What does pomegranate mean?

Very hard rock cakes baked by the English.

2.  Where is Torta Pasqualina traditionally served on Easter Friday?

If one had torta Pasqualina well, it would know it should be served on a plate.

3.  Where is Mazurek cake traditionally served over Easter?

If you’ve wrecked your Maz, surely you wouldn’t serve it at all?  (Or is there a place called Mazurek, I wonder?)

4.  What are the main ingredients of mayiritsa, a Greek Easter soup? 

A Greek Mayoress, well boiled.

5.  What is the main ingredient of a Pilaf?

Tablets pumped up with laughing gas inside.

6.  What are quenellas?

The feminine version of kingfellas.

7.  What is traditionally served on top of “steak tartare”?

A sauce with a tartare source, of course.

8.  What is the difference between a bouchée and a vol-au-vent?

*excitedly*  I’ve seen vol-au-vents!  They are those round things with a vent in the miggle you stuff stuff into.  So the bushy ones probably branch out, without the vent.

9.  When is Babka traditionally served?

When Babka demands to be fed by yelling a lot.

10.  What is “kokkina avga”?

Whatever an avga is, I’m pretty sure I don’t want MINE in one!

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  2. Pingback: Answers to Friday Food Quiz Number 80

  3. Zirkie says:

    You made me laugh, as always! Thanks Col!


  4. melouisef says:

    I am 100% positive you know a pomegranate!!!!!


  5. gipsika says:

    Nicely done! 🙂 Not tartare anymore at all.


  6. cobbies69 says:

    Smiling broadly,, 😉


  7. adinparadise says:

    I was going to attempt this difficult quiz, Col, but now you’ve gone and spoilt my chances of winning, by giving all the correct answers. 😆 I give up!!


  8. Too funny. You’re very clever with words 🙂


  9. These are very funny!


  10. The Asian says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the last one 😉 Good job as usual


  11. bulldog says:

    and here we go again… displaying our higher intellect… I wouldn’t of known what most of these were… but then seeing your answers, I see those that I thought I knew .. I was wrong…lol


  12. Arkenaten says:

    Pomegranate. Loved this one, naturally!


  13. Mr. Atheist says:

    “A sauce with a tartare source, of course.”

    Great. I will never say SOURCE without the association to Sauce again. For ever. It’s up there with Title for Turtle. (Watch Cinderella Man… ugh!)


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