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Down three ‘rabbit holes’.

The SidevieW ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ theme brings to mind not only the entrance to Wonderland, but reminds one of the wardrobe of the Narnia books, the train platform for Hogwarts, and many more.  I thought I’d take the opportunity … Continue reading

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A howling success of a performance

  (See sidebar for Translator, Music, Novels, Awards etc.) Six-word story challenge: pets.   Unwanted runt.  Love.  Magnificent boyhood companion.  The picture is of Frederick of Dunster, known as Terry.  I loved the ridiculous ball of fluff the minute I … Continue reading

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Net losses – Scrabble proves how ephemeral online stats or storage can be.

  International fury has been mounting at the unilateral change in the Scrabble game which has been hosted by Facebook in so many countries.  Even if there were the strongest reasons for replacement with the new version – which appears … Continue reading

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  I spent most of today in a sub-committee designed to straighten out a constitution which has been so patched up over the years that it is a wonder it doesn’t fall to bits and scatter itself all over the … Continue reading

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The Ladykillers (Play Review)

We were lucky enough to be able to attend a premiere of the South African (Kickstart/Toerien) production of this classic ‘black comedy’ – for want of any better way to describe it, for it is far more than that.  It … Continue reading

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Three Year Blogiversary.

  World Press has sent me a little reminder that I kicked this ‘ere blog off a whole three years ago. It started by playing second fiddle to another blog until I finally started copying posts from there across to … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Wise; or Why, Oh Wye, Oh Y!

See sidebar for Translator (for OTHER posts – this one has to be in English to make sense!), Music, Novels, Awards etc. The SidevieW latest theme I simply cannot handle: All HANDLES on it seem Locked up, or snuffed like … Continue reading

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