Much Better Half, Younger Daughter and her Mother-in-Law, and the kids called in at a local shopping mall this morning.  They saw a car with two young black men – probably early twenties – pull into a disabled parking.

‘Are you disabled?’  MBH asked one who got out.  He simply mumbled something, grabbed a trolley, and wandered inside.

On their return the car was still there.  A car guard was nearby, and they told him the car was illegally parked. He said he had been told it was waiting for a disabled mother.  With that the second man – whom they hadn’t noticed was still in the car – got out and began swearing at them with the ‘f’ word every few seconds.  Remember, this was in front of two young children. Inevitably, he also drew the race card into his remarks.  He followed them to their own car, still swearing.  MBH finally told him to ‘Tula,’ (be quiet). ‘You are in the wrong, why not just admit it?’ as the extent of her contribution.   She was then invited to go to a fornicating hades.

YD took a picture of the car, and an elderly gentleman came up and said he had witnessed the whole thing and left his name and number. The ladies are contemplating laying a charge of crimen injuria.

They also phoned the centre on return home, and management said they would investigate.

Is this arrogant idea that rules can be ignored becoming as prevalent everywhere as it seems to be on the roads?

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  1. Sous Chef says:

    My blood boils when I see this happening 😦


  2. Marco says:

    Whenever people are involved…it’s probably easier to fornicate in hell than to put up with their crap. They get ruder and unfriendlier…give me an animal any day!


  3. It happens everywhere! Some people just don’t have any respect for anything! It is actually scary!


  4. 68ghia says:

    Col, it would seem that in the New, utterly useless, SA, there are different sets of rules for the different population groups…


  5. The Asian says:

    Parking in a disabled parking and then swearing in front of young kids like that are two things that I can’t tolerate, it’s disgusting behaviour. MBH is a much better person than me because I wouldn’t have remained so polite


  6. Sadly I think this is happening everywhere. My good friend is truly disabled, and has trouble parking on many occasions, often witnessing a very able-bodied person enjoying the privilege of parking in a handicap space. I am afraid I’m not as bold as your family members were, though. I am afraid of confrontation. Not because I’m timid, but because I think the fear is physical protection. What a shame!


  7. Colline says:

    I am beginning to think that many people – no matter what country you live in – are losing the respect and consideration we should have for others. Seems that modern society is encouraging people to think only of themselves.


  8. Sonel says:

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour Col and I agree with Hope and couldn’t have said it better myself. Sorry your family had to go through that. 😦


  9. newsferret says:

    K4s are the same as white scum, but a little worse.


  10. Pussycat44 says:

    I see similar things, too, but as a woman on my own I leave well alone. Only at one small shopping centre do the car guards and security personnel keep a watchful eye on those dedicated bays.
    Shall I tell you the colour of those car guards? They do not take any nonsense from anyone.


  11. adinparadise says:

    What a disgusting attitude, and there’s absolutely no excuse. I agree with Hopestar. There is no respect for the law, and common decency has just been flushed down the loo. A most unpleasant experience indeed.


    • colonialist says:

      So the constant question is to shrug and go with the flow, or be one of the minority who actually makes waves? I like waves, and great big breakers if possible.


      • footsy2 says:

        Sadly you encounter these people everywhere, and of every hue. One of my volunteers collapsed and as I waited for the ambulance, a man with a van pulled into the only possible (no parking) space available. I explained the situation and was treated to the same verbal assault. It helps if you believe in karma.


  12. Disgusting behaviour and I see it all the time, everyday. Rules mean nothing here in this country anymore. There is only a section of the population that adhere to the rules and some of those are joining in on the no rules apply. It makes me sick. I am so tired of the attitude that people can just take what they want even disabled parking places. The attitude of entitlement seems to be growing and growing. I’m sorry your family had to have such an unpleasant experience. 😦


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