Net losses – Scrabble proves how ephemeral online stats or storage can be.


ScrabbleInternational fury has been mounting at the unilateral change in the Scrabble game which has been hosted by Facebook in so many countries.  Even if there were the strongest reasons for replacement with the new version – which appears to be far poorer than the previous one – the fact that no attempt has been made to save or transfer stats built up by keen players, in many cases after playing thousands of games over the years, shows a high-handedness which can act as a warning to all internet users. 

This move clearly demonstrates how whims of the providers of various platforms or services can, at a stroke, remove or change them.  The vulnerability has previously been shown repeatedly with blogs, and sudden changes or removals can happen with any sites where stats, writing, pictures or music may be stored.  Size and reputation seem to count for little, too.  Google may be just as likely to whip carpets out from underfoot as Backyardwebshack would be.   

There is also an annoying tendency to create and develop something one really enjoys using, and then to go stark raving bonkers and keep ‘improving’ it further to a stage where it becomes almost unusable.  I don’t think I am alone in regarding Windows XP, for example, as far more user-friendly than 7  or 8   (we won’t even talk about Vista).   The same applies to many software programmes on offer.

Can one successfully lobby for more consideration to be shown?  Probably not.  Thus the only answer is to avoid becoming too attached to use of the net which involves placing storage of any data whatsoever outside of one’s own direct legal control.  Indeed, one starts questioning how reliable all of the internet services may be, in the long run. 

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34 Responses to Net losses – Scrabble proves how ephemeral online stats or storage can be.

  1. Marco says:

    we def got the short end of the stick when it came to revealing the new scrabble! as for windows, let’s not even go there.


  2. I am hopeless when it comes to really understanding the best security measures. I pay attention, but technology changes so rapidly that I can’t seem to stay caught up. I haven’t even figured out how to mark my photos with a watermark, so I have a lot to learn. I hear your concerns, and I echo them and I should probably act on the warnings.


  3. SuziCate says:

    I do like improvements, but it seems as I get used to one version of a program it’s changed again and not always an improvement in my opinion!


  4. foam says:

    I used to love playing fb scrabble. And I sometimes worry about Flickr shutting down their photo hosting services. Anyway, if you feel so inclined, how about haikuing with us this week. I’m the host for haiku Monday and the theme is humor.


  5. granny1947 says:

    I am really annoyed about the change in the scrabble….really hate the new one…might stop playing!


  6. 68ghia says:

    Always best to keep your chickens close to the roost Col.
    As for them being more considerate – probably not. You must remember – they have to keep up their millions of dollars…


  7. A sobering thought indeed. I hope my blog will not be wiped out on a whim 🙂


  8. Colline says:

    They definitely do not take the users interest into co side ration when they change something that has been working well. And often these improvements are anything it.


  9. viv blake says:

    Vista was the pits as far as I’m concerned. But they keep changing that as well, so you don’t know where you’re at (my tower). The laptop has I don’t know what, but whatever it is, it works, and every time they do an upgrade, I have to do a system restore. Storage? I have a portable hard disk which goes up and down stairs regularly (to the printer, to the tower) My wi-fi doesn’t allow me to print direct from the laptop. Don’t ask me why.

    There was a period last year when WordPress went bananas with changes, but the avalanche of opprobrium brought down on their heads in blogs and FB caused a reversal of most of the bloopers, thanks to the good sense of internet users.


    • colonialist says:

      If the noise is loud enough, the big boys occasionally listen. In cases like this Scrabble one, though, I would assume the damage is done and the data lost.
      I would simply hate to lose blog posts, because I so often fine-tune them on the draft before posting. Also, of course, if a blog plug is pulled one loses all the comments.
      Maybe you could connect laptop and printer by USB cord to overcome its quibble?


  10. cobbies69 says:

    My desk top still runs XP and is my favourite,, my laptop is 7 just bought it a little early for 8 even though I a voucher offer to upgrade,, but what I see as upgrade is not going to 8.. XP has always been my favourite.. my only fault with my desktop is it is slow… I think updates and grades are purely to show someone is justifying their wage ,, not always better… 😉


  11. Many author-folk have mentioned using Scrivener, Drop Box and the like for writing and storing manuscripts, but I’ve remained suspicious for the reasons you state. I also stopped using Instagram the minute they claimed rights to the photos posted on it. Scary stuff.


  12. Pussycat44 says:

    I still like XP, but when I get to change computers in the not too distant future I’ll have to get used to 7 or 8, too. Not looking forward to that, to be honest.


  13. nrhatch says:

    Web changes happen at light speed . . . here today, gone today.


  14. MoreThanACat says:

    I usually read your blog to OH, but he’ll only start sobbing about the loss of XP 😉


  15. Sonel says:

    Well said Col. What is reliable nowadays? Rather ask that question. Everything is just a money-making scheme and you can’t trust anything or anyone. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 *hugs*


  16. newsferret says:

    I have Fenesrtra Otto and what a cumbersome programme compared to XP and every time I am forced to upgrade I sadly miss 95.


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