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From my back, er … front … er, WHATEVER porch!

 (For Translator,  music, writing etc see side bar.)       We have this challenge from thekitchengarden to provide a back porch view.  My problem is that facing our smaller pool we have a patio from which doors lead off … Continue reading

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DARX CIRCLE Chapter 1: Rhino Valley and the First Encounter (i)

(For links to the six Prelude segments, see side bar.) ‘Why does nobody in Rhino Valley answer phones? Are all the lines down?’ Hugh’s father asked. The man behind the counter shrugged. ‘I haven’t seen any of the Valley farmers … Continue reading

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Today I had the sudden urge to spring-clean my side bar – it would count as a win ter me, and I thought I autumn do it even if it should fall some, er, time beyond spring. I tidied and … Continue reading

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful.

Last night blogging got sidelined while I watched this movie.  I seldom do movies, or indeed TV, so I was ready to get up and leave if my attention flagged.  It didn’t. This is one of the most stunning pictures … Continue reading

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These would all have been created by those who shared the sentiments of Ferdinand Porsche:  “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” They are some DREAMS which have been achieved by people who were today … Continue reading

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Maybe I am pushing my luck to think this qualifies for the SidevieW theme this week, but I think some people certainly found the consequences of my photographic ambitions today somewhat amusing! Regular readers will recall that in April, just … Continue reading

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  Well, hello there; it’s MacGregor here; I’m learning to go on computer; I must declare I’m a little dear: Could anything be any cuter? You don’t believe this skill I’ve got? You say that on it I am not? … Continue reading

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Sonel offered a link to a fun free* programme for messing about with pictures – here. The results caused great hilarity with the grandchildren.  The two-year old J grasped the concept of being a space girl on the moon amazingly well, … Continue reading


DARX CIRCLE: Prelude 6 (Final segment)

(For previous segments: Prelude 1 Prelude 2 Prelude 3 Prelude 4 Prelude 5) It was yet another shock to find that the sangoma was not wearing her traditional beads and trappings, but was dressed in modern clothing. She was trying … Continue reading

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