Take a gander
We went to the Linton Animal Farm near Shaka’s Kraal on the Natal North Coast for Fathers’ Day.  More pics of that to follow, but on the SidevieW theme of ‘A little bird told me’, the gander in the middle here told us in no uncertain terms to
‘SCRAM!’  He attacked Younger Daughter and inflicted some painful bites through fairly thick jeans to raise large goosebumps (ganderbumps?) on her leg, of which these are a couple:

 Goose pimplesThen he tried it on me, and I tapped his beak hard.  After that he went for Son-in-Law, who grabbed him by the neck and swung him away like tossing a bag.  It seemed an effective strategy, so each of the twice more times he came at me during the course of the morning I did the same.  This did seem to discourage him.
 Hadeda Ibis

As usual, I nearly jumped out of my skin the other day when another little bird – a Hadeda ibis – made a remark unexpectedly while flying directly over my head. The remark was: 


Do I hear quibbles that both of these are not little birds?  They are in relation to an ostrich, so sheddep or I’ll point you out to the gander. 

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  1. Wow! I have never been attacked by a goose, gander, or ibis (of any variety) but our parrot, Pepper, once bit me – HARD – enough to draw quite a bit of blood, after which he had the temerity to utter, with sympathy – “Why, that’s just terrible!”

    I didn’t grab him by the neck, but he was instantly shaken off my arm and unceremoniously shoved back in his cage to think about his behavior for a little while. . .He sulked, I sulked. . .the next day, all was forgiven, but quite obviously has never been forgotten! 😆


    • colonialist says:

      I have discovered from a recent addition to the family – one Petuna who has joined Daisy – that even budgies can give a painful nip! This one didn’t even have the grace to offer sympathy afterwards.


  2. goodness what a rude bird…I am teaching myself some widget things 🙂


  3. Tokeloshe says:

    Shame, I hope she is alright ;-(


  4. The Asian says:

    I’m better not make a comment because I’m on your turf now and you most probably would send the gander to find me! 😉


  5. Lisaman says:

    You picked it up by the scruff of it’s neck and chucked… OMW!!! 😉


  6. Swans, geese–I run the other way when I see them on the prowl!


  7. Haha! I’m sure it was quite a spectacle to behold. I’ve had a few encounters with Geese, myself. They’re not so friendly, are they? I don’t know why but those big sorts of birds always remind me of something prehistoric. They can be quite scary.


  8. 68ghia says:

    My grandmom had a gander called Generaal. Beautiful white thing and as vicious as a viper!! Drew blood on more than one occasion – I always kept well away from him 😉
    Not to be trifled with those birds!!
    Hope your day was a good one, ostriches aside 🙂


    • colonialist says:

      A Generaal nuisance, in fact! As you see, this one also looks cute, unless zooming into the attack!
      Pleasant, indeed. Even some messing about in boats … er, on raft.


  9. cobbies69 says:

    Smiling at the thought,, I once had a pelican chase me, but I was lucky there was a fence between us.. 😉


  10. Sonel says:

    What a nasty gander what was indeed! Oh, I don’t like birds like that and I would have give him a hiding he would never forget Col! Look how he bit younger daughter! The nasty bird! He sounds like quite a brat! Good for you and son-in-law to sort him out. 😀
    I love the Hadeda but they are quite loud and that I don’t like and then our African Grey mimicks them so well too and when I tell him to shut up he tells me “okay” and then he mumbles a lot. LOL!


  11. melouisef says:

    I know all about geese that bite but they make good watchdogs 🙂
    . Except they can make a heck of a noise!


  12. bulldog says:

    The geese tend to back off when you grab them by the head and cover the eyes whilst holding the beak closed… done it so many times the seem to shy away after that…


  13. momohyeah says:

    Oops gander obviously thought you about to cook his goose maybe


  14. SidevieW says:

    Swans are even scarier, so I’m glad it was just a goose you ran into


  15. adinparadise says:

    Goodness me. That gander didn’t much like you having a gander at his territory. Ouch! 😯


  16. That guy meant business! I have been chased by geese before, and their aggressive behavior is very intimidating to me. I don’t normally like to hear about an animal being “drop kicked” but those are wounds!


  17. newsferret says:

    Ganders can be buggers!!


  18. Grannymar says:

    Maybe they were protecting their young. I know swans and even sows will attack if they think their offspring is in danger.


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