Another blogging interruption – I have proof!

Left - SA edition.  Right - USA proof.

Left – SA edition. Right – USA proof.

Just when I was looking forward to a blogging catch-up of note, an overseas parcel slip arrived – my proof copy of the USA edition of my Regina fantasy.  It has shown me, again, that only when one gets the printed copy can one truly assess what the book will be like.  After having edited the file time and again and again and again, I am still finding little things in the proof like double full stops and lack of hyphens where they help to make sense, and a sudden switch of chapter headers away from italics – but it looks good nevertheless. 

It will be noticed that USA has a larger standard size. Strangely enough, though, the proof still has far more pages than the SA version.  At nearly 500 it seems a bit overkill so I have spent today in reformatting to bring it closer to the South African edition of 357 pages.

The redesigned cover does seem quite attractive, though.

Incidentally, it seems totally immoral to me that South Africa demands customs duty on books.  Such items really should be exempt.

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46 Responses to Another blogging interruption – I have proof!

  1. bluebee says:

    I prefer the SA version – less cluttered, although the colours in the US version are more vibrant. I don’t know – it’s Sunday morning – don’t be asking me to make decisions 🙂


  2. 68ghia says:

    The proof looks good Col.
    as for customs – this is Africa. Where the government can make money, they will. And the people that are still prepared to spend money on books must obviously be rich, so ream them while you can is probably their motto!!


  3. zannyro says:



  4. Wow! Concatulations! This is Pawesome! Both covers look great! =^.^=


    • colonialist says:

      Thanks! The second one is the original Tickle, but we were purrsuaded to use a stand-in so as not to steal the scene from Regina. But then, scene-stealing is a cat’s natural right, not so?


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  6. Plus a different cat? Looks great to me, Col, this must be so exciting!


  7. Basking in your experience as a published author here. What a lovely perspective to read this evening. Wonderful looking cover, Col!


  8. gipsika says:

    The US cover is MUCH better! I heartily approve of the new fonts, one can read your name much better, and the title has a lot more flash. (Remember one of my original moans was that one can’t really read your name that well on the JD version?)

    You know, the text in the SA version is very closely spaced. Maybe take the font size down by a point or two and rather have better line spacing. It’s easier on the eye. Weird though that the US version has 500 pages. Are the margins terribly large? Is the font? I suspect they increased the line spacing, which P’kaboo will probably also do, but 500 pages is a lot.

    How is the binding?

    Books used to be customs free, I remember my father ordering music from Germany, and not paying customs on it. But of course if a person in government makes such decisions who doesn’t know what a book is…


  9. The Asian says:

    Congrats! It looks great!


  10. Arkenaten says:

    Congrats. Mister N.
    I agree on the customs. Disgraceful.


  11. Congrats Col, and I agree about the customs duty.


  12. galan12 says:

    May I wish you all the success with this new venture in a new country. 😉


  13. Sonel says:

    Congrats Col and I totally agree with your last sentence. The book looks great my friend. 😀


  14. congratulations – how satisfying for you…


  15. bulldog says:

    I do agree with you on the customs duties charge… books are educational.. but then we toss educational books into dams to cover up people on the take…


  16. newsferret says:

    I fully agree with the final sentence.


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