Helping me to recover

I haven’t forgotten the caption competition.

This is the last call for Flight OF FANCY 2B.  Passengers to Caption Competition please board immediately at Gate 1.
Anybody not on the flight when it takes off will be left behind.

I need to recover from a marathon bit of book reformatting.  Two hit me at the same time, one to bring a manuscript to book format, and another to reduce the Regina font a bit.  The proof  I proudly showed off earlier this month came out with an unnecessarily large number of pages.

Another re-cover thing: you remember this original SA cover for Regina compared with the USA proof? 

Left - SA edition.  Right - USA proof.

Left – SA edition. Right – USA proof.

Guess what: I am still trying to decide on the best cover design for the USA version of Regina.  The suggestions given by readers were invaluable, and what really killed this proposed new cover was the comment by Nancy Hatch that I looked like a co-author in it!

So this below is the version I think I am going to adopt.  More compact, and if the feature some liked of the cat sneaking up at you after first look isn’t quite as apparent – this cat is more ‘in your face’ with an almost hypnotic stare – it is fitting.  He is no ordinary cat!  (Hmmm… is there such a thing as one?)  Anyway, he is more of a typical Siamese.  The other one is actually a Tonkinese.

Regina Cover 210813D

I like leaving the face clear, and the curved line of lettering enables this to be done without bringing the whole effect too low (one mustn’t forget the ‘bleed’ needed for trim, too).  My ‘Magic Circle’ logo now only appears on the back.

What think you?

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About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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15 Responses to Helping me to recover

  1. Gobetween says:

    So many things to consider, best of luck.


  2. nrhatch says:

    The best of both world! Glad your name is all on one line . . . and that the dark cat is back . . . and you used the metallic lettering.


  3. The Asian says:

    It looks good to me!


  4. melouisef says:

    Methinks it is good


  5. cobbies69 says:

    I think it is brill as greenmackenzie above has said, but maybe just a thought here, shorten your name, more memorable, just a thought, but it is very good as shown. 😉


    • colonialist says:

      You mean squash it up a bit, or take some bits out?
      The full four names have become a trade mark, in a way. I like using them because the combination is, I think, unique to me.


      • cobbies69 says:

        my original idea was to take one name away, mainly for readers or future readers to remember or recall a shorter author name, also for researching your name, ie Googles etc,,and I would think it would look stronger on your cover.. purely my viewpoint,, hope you do not mind me saying..


        • colonialist says:

          Don’t mind in the least, and it is a valid viewpoint indeed.
          For Google, though, it has the advantage that the only ones coming up with that name are me!
          Also, it is a ‘gimmick’ of mine.


  6. Much better, it has more impact and is a stronger composition now I think. The curved name is a good idea, and the new and improved cat just that 🙂


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