Another grandkid brag


(*wail* Lost server from afternoon right through until 01h40 – seriously behind!)

Grandson over a barrel (at home with friends)

Grandson over a barrel
(at home with friends)


GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) results were received by high school pupils today.  Grandson (I only have one of those, as against three granddaughters) can be rather proud of his results: 


English Language  A*
English Literature  A*
History  A*
Religious Education  A* (More like Philosophy; there were two papers and his marks were 100% and 97%.)
Music  A
Latin Literature  A
Latin Language  B
Natural Science  B (Physics  B, Chemistry  B, and Biology  B.)
Mathematics  B
German  C (Over 60% apparently failed this paper.) 


Not surprisingly, he is planning to take English and Philosophy in college! 


The grandson has had lots of fun
In his GCSE,
We didn’t know he’d be a one
To do so brilliantly;
Computer games he played a lot,
In animations, knew what’s what,
But good at waking up, was not –
When sleeping, leave him be! 

It didn’t seem that he would try
To match his sister’s fame;
When she was at the books, you’d spy
Him deep within a game
Or fast asleep, but suddenly
Ambition struck, and now we see
That he has done amazingly
To also make his name! 

Of course, I take some credit for
His English language skill:
My books he said he did adore,
And read them with a will,
And even praised the very ones
Bestrewn with Really Awful Puns –
The ones that every purist shuns –
I hope he reads them still! 


© Colonialist August 2013 (WordPress)

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Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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24 Responses to Another grandkid brag

  1. Excellent results! I love Grandkid brags 😀


  2. Tell him very well done from me, but remind him AS levels are a big jump. Good luck to him for the start of term next week.
    Best wishes


  3. A fitting poem for a fine accomplishment. Nicely done.


  4. lovely poem for a talented grandson – woohoo 🙂


  5. A fantastic set of results, Col. Congratulations to your victorious grandson!


  6. guyportman says:

    So the GCSEs’ went as well as the A Levels for your granddaughter. That is great! Your grandson has obviously earned some computer game time. I hear the Playstation 4 is coming out in November.


  7. nrhatch says:

    Yay! It’s so much better to have clever offspring caring for you in your later years! Especially well-read caregivers who studied Philosophy AND English at University. 😛


  8. munchow says:

    You have all the rights to brag about this grandson. Awesome!


  9. 68ghia says:

    A well deserved brag Col 😉
    Well done to the young man in question!


  10. Denise Hisey says:

    Hello, wandered over from Susie’s party 🙂

    I’m guessing it’s a grandparent’s right to brag! Your grandson has earned you some bragging points 🙂 I only have a grandpuppy, but I brag about her too.


  11. Very clever and well done to him. You have every right to brag 🙂


  12. misswhiplash says:

    well done to your Grandson…or in the words of Brucie ‘ didn’t he do well’


  13. bluebee says:

    Have to be proud of that!


  14. Sonel says:

    Congrats grandpa and smart grandson. Another one that took lessons from grandpa and got the brains and the looks too. 😀


  15. Arkenaten says:

    Smart kid. I managed ‘A’s in the top three on his list and an A in Geography for my GCE’s We wont discuss what I got for the others, but the phrase ”Tries hard fails miserably” would certainly have been apt!


  16. Congratulations on pawesome results grandson! =^.^=


  17. theonlycin says:

    WOW! Congrats to the lad. Evidently the clever gene was widely distributed amongst your grandies.


  18. The Asian says:

    Seems like you have a very smart family! Congrats to your grandson, you can be very proud


  19. Pussycat44 says:

    I also lost server last night, but it’s back again this morning.
    Well done to grandson. I’m sure the standard of the GCSE exams will put our SA exams to shame.
    Be a very proud grand-daddy 😉


  20. Colline says:

    Well done to your grandson 🙂


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