Ginger WIlliam of Orange (v)

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Ginger William - 'Fizzy'

Ginger William – ‘Fizzy’

(Boxing Day 1974 saw Much Better Half and I setting off on ‘Rideabout’ in our Combi Camper ‘Cambi’ with our daughters aged 4 & 7. After overnighting behind a bogged-down Rolls Royce near Golden Gate we went on to Kimberley’s Big Hole, and spent that night in the middle of nowhere beyond Griekwastad. On the Saturday we went on to Upington, camped on the island there in the Orange River, and were adopted by a scraggy ginger cat we named as captioned, or just ‘Fizzy’.)

When we did get up, I put up our beach umbrella on the bank of the river while MBH prepared breakfast; then she and kids went to swim and laze while I repaired a suitcase with a fascinated Ginger as audience. In due course he and I joined the family, and I had some lovely swims and sunbathing. Ginger ‘did his thing’ round us, but was never far away. After all this activity we felt like having eighty winks, so after a scratch lunch we had them, cat included. At 4 p.m. we woke and went for yet another swim and laze (cat not included in the former).

    ‘We must surely have saved enough from our budget for a hotel-break tonight.’ MBH declared. ‘Who knows when we’ll get the next chance?’

    ‘Want hotel!’ chorused the brats.

Ginger William on sink top

    So we prepared to set off, while Ginger sat watching us from his sink/fridge- top. Efforts to ‘shoosh‘ him outside were met with indignant fizzes. ‘Leave the sliding door open for a sec,’ I suggested. ‘He’ll scoot as soon as we start moving.’

    I started to pull off. Ginger gave a sigh of pure bliss, and curled up on his ‘spot’. He continued to snooze quite happily in spite of the fact that our subsequent trip was a very stop-start affair while we asked all over the campsite for anyone who knew anything about the cat. Nobody admitted to having ever seen him before. Finally, in desperation, we enquired the whereabouts of the local SPCA or its equivalent. There wasn’t one. Ginger stayed put, and we set off for the hotel.

    This was a lovely white one which became the standard of comfort for the kids for years after. ‘Want a white hotel,’ YD would demand.

    We booked in for dinner, bed and breakfast at a dent of R20.25 in our ‘savings’ from our daily allocation. Then we went shopping on Ginger’s behalf – a stock of pilchards and a sand-box. He seemed quite happy to remain in Cambi while we gorged ourselves on an excellent dinner and then took a stroll round the metropolis’s shopping area. Even at a leisurely pace, that didn’t take long.

    I gave Ginger a good walk in the environs of the hotel before shutting him into Cambi and retiring at 11:30 p.m.

        (To be continued… )

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34 Responses to Ginger WIlliam of Orange (v)

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  7. gipsika says:

    🙂 Amazing (hi)story.


  8. susielindau says:

    It sounds like you found a new pal!
    Great story!
    Thanks for bringing it to the party! There are many links to click and friends to make.
    Have fun!


  9. bulldoglinda says:

    Good story Col, love the photos of Ginger.


  10. owlet88 says:

    This story reminds me of my childhood holidays traveling to the coast. One year the scene was: mom, dad, me plus my two siblings, my cousin, our dog and a parrot! Needless to say the traveling was done in a vw kombi… Ah the memories!


  11. I’ve always thought that cats who choose their people are rather special in nature. I love how he just settled right in and, of course, you fell in line and took care of him.


  12. I have added him to the pet ‘Challange’, thanks so much Col 🙂


  13. Would that be a VW combi?


  14. bulldog says:

    Keep it coming Col…


  15. adinparadise says:

    Love the way this is all panning out in favour of ginger Fizzy becoming part of the Meerkat family. Those were the days when one could get a nights accommodation for around R20. *sigh*


  16. barbtaub says:

    They say dogs have owners but cats have staff. Obviously, Ginger knew good staff when he saw it! So glad Susie sent me here for Ginger’s story.


  17. Tokeloshe says:

    You are so lucky to have such lovely photos of Ginger.
    Although our cat was a character, we took very few photos of him ;-(


  18. Susie sent me… I love the description of ‘indignant fizzes!’ 🙂


  19. The Asian says:

    I’ve never heard of a car who actually likes being in a car. Seems like that one’s a keeper 😉


  20. nrhatch says:

    I’m just loving this story, Col!


  21. 68ghia says:

    I’ve traveled with kids. And with dogs. But never with a cat – and the few times I did have a cat in the car it’s been somewhat hair raising!!


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