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Seeing what happened fifty years ago today, I simply had to find a picture from that time to fit the theme.  I think this one does pretty well, don’t you?   © Colonialist November 2013 (WordPress)  

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Silence is Golden?

  Fifty years ago, on 30th November, a certain event took place which is going to impact heavily on us over the next few days.  There will, therefore, probably be a marked frightening town scare-city of Colonialist posts, visits and … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Toad-tally Silly

  © Colonialist November 2013 (WordPress)

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Per Verse Lightning Haiku

The current Haiku Monday Competition is being hosted by the previous winner, Where Whispers Linger.  My three are striking examples of my horrible habit of doing frivolous ones in rhyme.   Crash, flash, together: Still alright, but awful fright – … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected Visitors

It might be wondered why such a poor specimen of photo-hood, taken through glass and not very clear, should have been chosen for the challenge.  Well, this first view through sliding doors of a group of Banded Mongooses on our front … Continue reading

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A Horse, a Mongoose, and a Cigarette

  (See previous post for the background.  I have blogged this story before somewhere, but rather than tracking down and repeating the previous version I have decided to retell it.)  Young girls on holiday can become rather lazy early in … Continue reading

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My recent mongoose post reminded me of an incident involving one of them, a horse, and a cigarette … (Wow!  Sudden interruption!  The mongooses just arrived on the front lawn!  My Nikon has suddenly given up the ghost – all … Continue reading

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Really awfully, can he be long ear?

  THE UGLY BUNNY (or Hare Today and Gone Tomorrow) There once was a rabbit Who had a bad habit Of driving his parents insane; Behaving most funnily, And very un-bunnily, He was quite a bit of a pain! When told to … Continue reading

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Squatter family moves into our home!

  A large family, with the aim of making an even larger family, has moved into our house – with us still living here!  When Border Collies Toby and Tess went for them, they simply ganged up on them and … Continue reading

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Re-hare-ly Awful Puns

  I believe I invented the ‘HARE’ joke as an art form.  Hares rule the world. Hare, for your wonder, haredmiration and enjoyment, is one of my early versions: TH-HARE BE MUSIC! Lern-hare and Loewe wrote my F-hare Lady, in … Continue reading

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