To my gratified surprise, a haiku I put in on the previous topic of ‘Lightning’ earned me the distinction of hosting the latest round. 

Writing is a form of lunacy.  Writing poetry even more so.  Doing that in such succinct forms as a haiku is utter madness.  So there you have the topic.


The rules are simple.  Up to a maximum of three haikus (one is fine), each of which will have three lines with a strict syllable count of 5-7-5  (first line 5, second 7, and final line 5 again). 

That is all there is to it, but for extra merit you can throw in a reference which will place the time or season, and/or put in a turning point or punchline effect using any punctuation you choose.  Post the haiku as a comment here, and if you like also do a post of it on your own blog with or without a visual.  Judging will be done on 9th.

Here are three Really Awful examples I have thrown together.  Trying to make some of them rhyme is an extra bit of madness on my part – you can ignore that. 

Within the mad mind
Shoots of fantasy will sprout –

Madness is a state
Minds sound, with religion found,
Blossom to create. 

Isn’t it insane,
When March strain May cause you pain,
Doing it again? 

© Colonialist December 2013 (WordPress)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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  2. Doom says:

    If you let it.

    bloodlust from true war
    it eats the enemy, then
    it consumes the owner

    Hazing rituals of the human family.

    mom, dad, say “Do this.”
    they don’t, always – rules one way
    teaching to own self?

    I have others up, but I’m not going to keep dumping them here. More than enough as is. Still, you asked.


  3. Millie Ho says:

    Here’s my last minute entry:

    Teeth bursting with blood/
    Head a tumbleweed dyed black/
    Tears eat up my face/


    Thanks for the encouragement to enter. Looking forward the results! 😀


  4. disperser says:

    Rational am I,
    but rare such thinking today,
    that mad appear I.


    Not crazy, I be,
    to such contest host. Haiku
    here not from me be.


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  6. Doom says:

    I love a contest when I can’t count all the better competition. You have just such a thing. Why the love? Means I don’t have to judge next week! 🙂

    Or, uhrm, whenever his lordship gets around to it. *cough* Then again, you didn’t stay married for that long without paying your dues, and then needing some recovery time. *cough* ~cheeky

    Looks like some ripe noobs, ready to be groomed to me, too. Gosh, I hated hazing on the receiving side, so never did it when it was my turn. Then again, my size mitigated much of what others went through. Still, I had sympathy or something. So… I enjoy it as I can as an adult! 🙂


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  8. adeeyoyo says:

    What a super bunch of entries, Col. I love your first haiku!

    Only in my mind
    Thoughts that scramble back and forth
    I alone can sort


  9. Doom says:

    Just Shoot Me?

    she says I’m crazy
    then she hates me and loves me
    all in the same breath?

    Sas fiddles with me
    Sam then musts fiddle with Sas
    two cats fiddling
    (I consider fiddling 3 sylables, if spoken correctly… or… incorrectly :p )


  10. Serendipity says:

    Something from your side of the pond. A fascinating critter

    Raucous giggling calls.
    Lurks in the night; *scavenger*.
    Maligned. Crazy? False.


  11. Karl says:

    Good evening Colonialist,
    Sir, your turnout is most impressive. I submit two for your entertainment.

    Every year they test
    Sometimes five hundred questions
    Yep cleared again

    Outcome so unclear
    Why this before doing that
    Method to madness


  12. hoppelschaum says:

    Entranced by the words..
    I read, time is forgotten =
    Oh, so tired at work .. 🙂

    Stuck in the morass..
    Sluggish mind wakens from dream.
    What madness was that?



  13. hoppelschaum says:

    Great theme.. I’ll. be back!


  14. Serendipity says:

    Hi Col,

    Sounds like you had a great party. You already have some great entries! Interesting crowd you hang out with.

    I offer a couple for now. The first refers to our craziness in traipsing off to the forest, sometimes in subzero weather or blizzards, hauling hundreds of pounds of meat on our backs and calling it fun, , just to fill the freezer. Mom just shakes her head and mutters “Those two are crazy!” The second is a description of what happens to a certain redhead when the fall wind whips up.

    Family thinks we’re mad.
    Each fall we suffer extremes,
    just to get our meat!

    Blustery winter winds
    stir the beast within. Green-eyed
    spirit dances wild.

    I may or may not get a photo up…


  15. My name is Madeleine,
    but all my friends call me “Mad”
    and seem to mean it.


  16. Rafael says:

    I’m loving this theme, Colonialist! Here’s a couple bits of silliness right off my top:

    Alone, I wander
    Jibber Jabber; Jubilee
    Hatter, seems quite sane

    Cock-eyed, without sense
    Spinning roosters round the bend
    Pavlov howls, “Arhoooooooo

    I’ll see about a post later in the week:D


  17. Doom says:

    Oops? I hope I didn’t miss the contest. Not sure when you went up. Usually I’m a first responder. Yeah, I’m from the League of Extraordinarily Odd Gentlemen. Never the whit, I’ll toss a couple in. Urhm, when did you put it up? What day is it? Oh, whatever, I’ll figure things out shortly. I’m up. But… remember… view at your discretion, I don’t play fair.

    living in the sky
    no body no senses non
    I love you all – man

    the cats and cradle
    rocked me to sleep – winter
    I can’t remember

    fall inside a thought
    that time gone – it’s all you know
    can never go home


    • colonialist says:

      Thanks! *said darkly* I survived the viewing!
      The ‘rocked me’ line – 6 syllables?


      • Doom says:

        Hmm… I count the ‘ed’ in rocked as a second syllable? My grammar is shaky, old, somewhat rheummy, with a hack, you know. She is, not me. No siree… :p I blather. And goof. If that is wrong I can fix that with a patch… well, the haiku. And I wanted to change another one, anyway. I create these right as I land on the post, so… sometimes errors occur. And… it wasn’t meant to be all that bad. That was just a sales gimmick. Mostly.

        the cats and cradle
        they rocked me to sleep – winter
        I can’t remember

        fall inside a thought
        that time’s gone – it’s all you know
        can never go home


  18. Yours are great, I’m no good at this sort of thing 🙂


  19. suzicate says:

    I already posted my haiku on my other (poetry) blog, but sadly I didn’t use madness as my topic…wish I’d read my blog subscriptions first!


  20. nrhatch says:

    Hamlet’s claim to fame
    The precipice of madness
    To live or let die


  21. nrhatch says:

    Ego stands its ground
    Insisting “I’m right!” with might
    Blinders block its view


  22. nrhatch says:

    Stuff Stuff and more Stuff
    Possessions overwhelm us
    Enough is enough


  23. guyportman says:

    Haikus seem to be all the rage at the moment or at least I get that impression from some of the blogs I follow. Look forward to reading more of yours madness creations.


  24. cobbies69 says:

    Nanowrimo done,
    plenty of words written down.
    keyboard burnt out now.

    my little one, not quite on the ladder,so plenty of chances to move up and get better… 😉 ps i liked your last one best…


  25. bulldog says:

    I admire those that can… I’m one who can’t…


  26. I admire all of you who write Haiku. The fun, the serious, the silly, the madness of it all!


  27. Colline says:

    Definitely madness – but I enjoyed reading what you created.


  28. newsferret says:

    Let me give this a try:-

    I see a haiku
    alas I do not know why
    maybe I should cry.


  29. Here are mine – the first being the result of breaking my back recently and the second goes way back in my history!

    Morphia for pain
    is good but it sends you mad.
    Why use it for fun?

    Smokers and drinkers –
    Addiction a form of madness
    Please try to stop.


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