Sunday stills, the next challenge: Holiday Lights and Decorations – a lineup.

Not much in our area for this Challenge.  These are all from one local home, though.  Spread across the whole frontage.  I missed some to the left, but we had a car trying to climb up our exhaust pipe.

Lights 2 Lights 3 Lights 1

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33 Responses to Sunday stills, the next challenge: Holiday Lights and Decorations – a lineup.

  1. adeeyoyo says:

    Beautiful, aren’t they! Nothing much around here, Some in Melville I think… which would be the closest. I miss the rides to see the lights down West Street in Durban.


  2. Grannymar says:

    Recession seems to have taken its toll round here this year. Normally all houses are a blaze of lights both inside and out from 1st December until the day after Boxing Day. Indoor trees are very small. and I never saw a real tree for sale outside any of the shops. Again, they are normally stacked against the premises from early December right through to this weekend. Changing times, with little change in the pockets!


  3. bulldog says:

    Lovely sight to see… but someones got to pay…


  4. guyportman says:

    Those lights are quite a spectacle, as I imagine the owners electricity bills will be, if it is anything like the UK over your way.


  5. susanben says:

    I have Christmas lights up inside because we dont have a electric plug outside at the right place and must add that with this heat lately the lights will melt within a few days. We have had above 40*C here now daily. Hot really hot here. Huge hugs to all and esp MBH


  6. I missed some great photo opportunities last night as we sped through to King George. People really go to town here with their outdoor Christmas lights. One garden along the route was chock-a-block with an illuminated Santa sleigh with half a dozen reindeer. At the moment, we’re following a Jeep with a Christmas wreath encircling the spare wheel. 🙂


  7. disperser says:

    We be planning our drive of lights for tonight.

    There are a number of homes who festoon to no end (I think they compete with each other). Some are even professionally done (you see the crews out there hanging lights).

    We used to do more organic (throw a bunch of lights over the shrubs and house), but these days I don’t have the will to do all that. Most of our x-mas stuff has been donated or gifted, and we do minimal decorating . . . holiday lazy, we have become.


  8. Colline says:

    I remember driving the streets of Johannesburg city centre with my parents when I was a young child to see the Christmas lights. Alas, it has been decades since those streets were lit up.


  9. Those are nice. There aren’t many in my area either. 🙂


  10. When we bought our house in NS, the previous owner was proud to tell me there was enough electrical cords outside for 1700 Christmas lights. I didn’t say it but I thought “oh my, the neighbours are going to be so disappointed in me!”


  11. Not exactly a ‘green’ display!


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