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WP has been messing me around horribly on this post.  It has put in extra copies of the picture, left off badges and links, and generally gone haywire.  A perfect preview comes out as a messed-up post. *Here insert words … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Change, Literature, Limericks and Lizard

  With my being rather caught up in the inexorable progress of our impending lifestyle change,  both writing and blogging have again suffered.  Mind you, I did manage to add 22 000 words to the novel in two weeks, and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge © Colonialist February 2014 (WordPress)

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Recent Resident Portraits

                © Colonialist February 2014 (WordPress)  

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Six Word Story Challenge: Dilemma

The Figments of a Dutchess Challenge: Write a six-word short story on ‘Dilemma’.   Dial Emma? Not? Can she forgive?   A horny dilemma:  who to ring?   © Colonialist February 2014 (WordPress)

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Certificate of Existence

  This is an announcement that I am, to the best of my knowledge and belief, still alive. Also, that I have been caught up in rather a whirlwind of different distractions. One of these is tilting at the windmill … Continue reading

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  Religious songs can make you face A lunchtime of coercion, For, if you sing a maize-zing graze, You may well get corn version! CORNFUCILONIALIST HE SAY: When you make of yourself someone you enjoy being, other people enjoy being … Continue reading

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