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Yippee! Yahoo! Yay! Y?

We have done it!  This afternoon 5-yr-old granddaughter R and I sploshed our way to a total of 800 metres in one go.  The longest swim ever for both of us, although I have lived a great many more years … Continue reading

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Gravatar contrast comparisons

, In response to the previous post, Grannymar invited me to play with her Gravatar.  In my opinion, the picture is fine. Perhaps the contrast could be improved, though. Until one thinks about it,  one can easily overlook how much of an … Continue reading

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The Ideal Gravatar

I have been noticing experiments with new gravatars lately, and it has given food for thought. What attributes should a good gravatar have? 1) It should be distinctive. 2) It should reflect something about the blog or blogger, or the … Continue reading

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Bilingual Six Word Short Story

This is for the challenge appearing in DOLDRIEST and Figments of a DuTchess for a six-word short story on the topic of Friends/Vrienden. Pictures are from Immy (drawn by Footsy2). Colonialist March 2014 (WordPress)

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Really Awfully Saturated

There is water on my brain, While my vision’s gone all foggy, I have muscles under strain, And each part of me is soggy. In these training little swims For young R, at not quite six yet, My enthusiasm dims … Continue reading

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Engagement with a dragon?

Some may remember Immy, granddaughter R’s cousin (daughter of her Mom’s sister) in UK, whom R caused to meet a dragon when we were taking turns to tell a story about her. The dragon announced his intention to eat Immy … Continue reading

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The Furies of Wreyges

  I thought I’d brag a little by showing that the writing of Darx Circle had to go beyond the straightforward stuff of inventing new lands and characters and monsters. Here is a sample from a later stage of the … Continue reading

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Novel experiences done; dusted still in the air

  Yes, at just before midnight last night I typed in those two little words a novelist takes so long to get to. Phew! Darx Circle has at last been converted from an unfinished manuscript to another completed fantasy. The … Continue reading

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Blog Not Abandoned

  I am writing with increased compulsion as I reach the climax of Darx Circle, which is currently at 118523 words, including a recent addition of a 220-word rhymed section from a ‘Minstrel’s Saga’. The only things done in between … Continue reading

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This leopard is about to speak to an animal communicator and he’s got a lot on his mind. This is AMAZING!

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