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A Really Awfully Tyresome Moanday

MONDAY   Truly, I believe that one day Soon, they should abolish Monday; Ruins the effect of Sunday, Which is usually a fun day, And, when blue is current run-day, One is glad when it’s a done day!    A … Continue reading

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An invitation to advertisers.

Let it be noted that unless otherwise stated by me, I regard every advertisement appearing on my site (other than mentions of my own productions) to be the intrusion of a disreputable squatter. Fear not, for there is a way … Continue reading

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THE DAILY POST Photo Challenge: Contrasts: Fair and Dark.

View other photos under Contrasts At dusk, you’re coming to the Fair; Can be reached by way of stairway; Bluff, in background, you see there, To one side, you find a fairway, Though at golf too dark for fair play … Continue reading

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A Cover Story

     Here is the provisional cover I have evolved for my latest epic, Darx Circle, undergoing final edit. Of course, by modern design standards it is far too ‘fussy’ and completely out of vogue. The publishers will almost certainly … Continue reading

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A little scrap gives a little kiss to a little Miss

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Really Awful Influence

     There is a steep downhill incline on the way back from the grandkids’ school. It is the custom of 6-yr-old R and 3-yr-old J to treat this as a roller-coaster, and to utter high-pitched screams on the way … Continue reading

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Five Essential Items to Pack for Namibia

Just imagine the old days of slide photography. 38 shots and your film casette was used up- and by the standards of the day, they weren’t cheap!


Between us devils and the deep blue sea

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There Are Really Awful Girls

There are girls who like a lover Poised expectantly above her, But you also get the one Whose ambitions will be – nun! There are girls who like a fling, With no question of a ring, But some others are … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Sat On and Switched Off

In microwave, a switch had gone, The wretched thing remained switched on, The only way to solve this flaw Was leaving latch off on the door. And then computer, after sleeps, Just uttered three pathetic ‘peeps’, And from that point … Continue reading

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