On really awfully sad notes …

Trautwein uprightTrautwein leaving.Challen Grand

My pianos are good friends
That I have had for countless years
But every era ends,
And though it costs me floods of tears,
I must accept the spot
Which we’ll soon have to occupy
Just hasn’t got a lot
Of space for pianos to lay by. 

The pain-oh! will be sharp

That those won’t go into the flat;
I’m crotchety, a harp
Is also too strung up for that;
A minim-mum of space
One quavers that they need, to breve,
And, in new airless place,
Of airs, enough, they won’t receive. 


On scales of one to ten,

Arpeggios I’ll miss, a five,
The other half will, then,
Consist of keeping trills alive,
Plonks, too, I’ll miss, I think –
Those in the works of Ludwig B –
And that I cannot plink
On topmost notes from A to G! 


Two octaves, at a stretch,Challen leaving
And chords, I can no longer play,
One octave I can fetch
My violin to do; OK?
While violins play two
Of notes of many given kinds,
Recorders can get through
One note a time, is what one finds. 

My clarinet, as well,
Is limited to single tones,
Although, I have to tell,
It can give squeaks and groans and moans!
While that does have a range
From way down low to high up high,
The volume can derange,
And irate neighbours start a cry! 

A keyboard – one I fold –
Might be the answer to my plight;
With that I can make bold
To play full blast, by day or night,
Provided that I wear
A set of headphones while I do,
Or else I wouldn’t dare,
Such agony, to put folks through! 

So farewell to my pair
That gave me sounds of such delight;
I hope they go to where
They’ll still give music light and bright;
And yet within my mind
I’ll hear the sounds that they both made,
So solace I will find,
Although by me no longer played.

© Colonialist June 2014 (WordPress)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies.
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47 Responses to On really awfully sad notes …

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  2. Tokeloshe says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you have to downsize. I do hope you can get a good keyboard, unfortunately I cannot recommend one.
    Take care.


  3. nrhatch says:

    That’s sad, Col. We sold our piano with our last house (after moving it with us for 25 years). I’ve tried keyboards without finding one that sings out, “Play me!”


  4. Gobetween says:

    The time for us to go to a smaller place is also approaching. I hate change. You will adjust but it takes time. When we moved a decade ago we practically gave furniture away because we could not get good prices for old wooden furniture. So sad to leave your beautiful home.


  5. When I moved to Glasgow I couldn’t take my piano, I was going to take my keyboard but it really wasn’t good enough, so Mum traded it in for a portable Yamaha, it takes up very little room, has a carry case to take it to performances and a fold up stool that doubles as an extra friends seat. I’d recommend it as an alternative, the sounds good and it has a pedal and you can play with headphones on so I don’t disturb the neighbours too much I hope, although the little girl upstairs calls me the singer lady 🙂


  6. theonlycin says:

    So sorry, Col, but you’re right; they’re probably going to cause much joy for their new owners xxx


  7. gpcox says:

    So very sorry.


  8. oh, very sad for you 😦 but your verse is very clever and funny (if that is any consolation)


  9. ddupl3ss1s says:

    ek gee maar liewer net sterre.. wonder wat gaan ek maak met my ou erf huis traporrel… sien ewig in my geestesoog my Ma speel Halleluja lieder , so droewig. Mens mag seker maar snot en trane huil oor ‘n meubelstuk.


  10. Colline says:

    How sad. I hope these instruments go to a home where they will be played for many hours.


  11. That is quite sad, Col. Reminded of the scene in Grumpy Old men when Jack Lemmon sold his piano.
    I don’t think I could part with my guitars. But then…needs must *shrugs*


  12. disperser says:

    I hope your forthcoming adventures make up for the current loss.


  13. Having gone the route of piano to keyboard, I can say I don’t play as much as I used to. The keyboard just isn’t the same.


  14. suzicate says:

    I adore those with musical talent, of which I have none. Though I still dream of learning to play the ukulele.


    • colonialist says:

      Unless one is physically disabled, age does not stop one from learning to play an instrument. Not brilliantly, perhaps, where it helps to start at 3 or 4, but well enough to give pleasure to oneself and others.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. gipsika says:

    😦 Oh Col, so sorry to hear about your pianos! (But still more sorry about the lovely place you had…)

    I think you’ve got something there re a keyboard. If you get a good one (touch-sensitive is a must), you may find all sorts of new inspiration for your compositions.


  16. I don’t really like this post – I went through all that grief last year, and my clarinet and all my sheet music went too. But I am in the UK this week, chez Sally, where they can be found again. If you get a keyboard, make sure you get one which is touch sensitive, like the one I bought for my daughter to take to uni. Her son’s keyboard is not touch sensitive, and is a pain to listen to! I have been playing all the old stuff here.


    • colonialist says:

      Yes, I did realise that unless it had that quality, it would NOT be very satisfying to play – it simply wouldn’t be a pianoforte! Trouble is, the price of those does a sudden upward zoom from that of the ‘ordinary’ keyboards.


  17. I can’t ‘like’ this post, Col. I’m so sad that you have to move from your spacious home overlooking the ocean. Everything here just keeps on going up and up, and the council just charges what they like for rates. It’s a vicious circle. 😦 How sad to see your old friends go. I hope they find good homes.


  18. Pussycat44 says:

    Maybe you can acquire a keyboard so that you can play using ear phones and not disturb the neighbours. I know it’s not the same, though. We always regretted leaving our piano in Holland, because of stupid advice given by the SA emigration people.


  19. newsferret says:

    Eisch Col, as I know getting on in years is not for the meek and mild. However, we do adapt and devise new plans.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. melouisef says:

    I am sorry 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  21. moves are so tough on the heart and soul especially when one must move without our treasures. Here’s to precious memories of that which was and open hearts to all that is yet to arrive.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. 68ghia says:

    Ai Col. I’ve missed much.
    Why do you have to occupy a smaller space? Can you not just live where you live with all your stuff and memories around you?
    Suppose one does what one must, but it’s never easy…


  23. kragenhai says:

    That is so sad!

    Liked by 1 person

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