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Wordless Wednesday – a sad outlook

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On really awfully sad notes …

My pianos are good friends That I have had for countless years But every era ends, And though it costs me floods of tears, I must accept the spot Which we’ll soon have to occupy Just hasn’t got a lot … Continue reading

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Extra, Extra – as in an extraordinary event.

If you missed the one in 1919 and this one, you only have to wait until 2098 for another full ‘honeymoon’ (although as you see it doesn’t do the honey bit in the Southern Hemisphere) on Friday 13th June.   … Continue reading

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AN UPLIFTING PASSAGE Some writers sink to lowly depths   in parts that lose the plot; They also tend to rant and rave   and use bad words a lot – One doesn’t want to chide such kids,   or … Continue reading

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Lifting the bedclothes for a peek

What is it that you wear in bed When all is said and done? (For sleeping’s what I should have said, And not for having fun.)  By filling in the polls below, You’ll make it all quite plain What anyone … Continue reading

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Windy Wordless Wednesday

Timeless Beauty   © Colonialist June 2014 (WordPress)

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Editificating, and some rather awkward spots of bother in our lives (using the best traditions of British understatement) have kept me fully busy over the past several days.  For some light entertainment, I thought I would quickly revise this Really … Continue reading

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Editor and writer – a hate-hate relationship.

 Just for starters, a Wordless Wednesday portrait of half of the front bit of the Colonialist Mansion, by special request: Advice to authors and editors: You are a writer.  You have produced your masterpiece.  Now your publisher or someone else … Continue reading

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Sea hear, now, life is a beach!

  Just to infuriate all those beginning to suffer from the chilly season, here are a few pictures of my Sunday morning at the bottom of our garden in warm, windless conditions (hardly any seashells for some reason, but you can’t … Continue reading

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June Know What?

‘Tis da foist uv da mump, and therefore verily I say unto you: RABBITS!      

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