Really Awful Editnig Woes

Dragon by Lee Young

Dragon by Lee Young

It is a most distresing thing,
 However many times.
  That I will go through editnig,
I still uncover crimes
 By punctuation grammar; too;
 Or simply of a the word
 That’s one too many, one – few,
 Or simply is obzurd;
No matter that, time and again,
 I root out every flaw/
 I look agen, and that is when
 I sea a dozen more;
 i think some evil imp waits there
    To change the thigs around:
 No mat-ter how mush sweat and care – 
 Be sure, more faults are, found!
 When reeding threw a ‘final” file
The prawblems that I find
Are going, in quite short a wile,
                   To drive me from my mind!
At least I no no errors lurk
 In this hear bit of prose
F or al misteaks, wif lot’s ov wurk,
I done makes sure has goes.

 © Colonialist July 2014 (WordPress)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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44 Responses to Really Awful Editnig Woes

  1. Tooty Nolan says:

    I’m not alone then…


  2. LOVE this. Here goes. I’m going to type and not correct. This was a great poem that really resommated with me because I have a reallly hard time punchimg the right key int he right order. has something to do wih my brain fog realated to my chromic fatighue syndrome, taht;s why I had to stop teaching. At least English wans’t my disiplin! (See what I mean?–I corrected several things in these parentheses!)


  3. How very fustrating, Col! I used to hate my teacher’s red pen. 😦 Your pome is a real classic. 😀


  4. hahahahaha very bad 🙂 and very good


  5. awax1217 says:

    I tend to make missteaks and avoid correcting the abvious.


  6. Colline says:

    Hope you eventually find all those errors!


  7. Arkenaten says:

    I know the filling werl.


  8. gpcox says:

    Between you and Miss Whip Lash – I’m in tears laughing! Fantastic job!! I have to pass on the link to this one!!


  9. misswhiplash says:

    It seems to me, young man, my friend
    That you are going round the bend.
    At first I thought ‘there’s a mistake’
    but then another fell in its wake.
    The more I read, the worse it got
    the spelling and the grammar
    so if things go wrong and you can’t spell
    Hit it with a hammer….

    this awful poem comes to you with love
    I had some help from Heaven above
    He is my friend . I know Him well
    There’s many a tale that He could tell
    But He says ‘just write a line’
    It does not matter that it don’t rhyme
    so off I go with finger and nail
    leaving a gar-dawn awful trail

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  10. calmgrove says:

    Great. I shudder for your thus castigated authors. And the significance of the otherwise splendid dragon is… ?


  11. Littlelost says:

    Lol!!! I love it. Thanks for the laugh Col 🙂


  12. Kathleen says:

    I feel your pain in this Col. It happens, too often, with me too.


  13. ddupl3ss1s says:

    Ek dink jou vingers was net op verkeerde toetse jy dalk met al jou vingers tik elkeen op regte toets – so blindtik – !
    Maar minstens kry my spel weer oefening..


  14. Editors. Good ones are platinum.


  15. kragenhai says:

    Read trough that poem seven times. I think I spotted a spelling error but I could be werong. Better you check it again.


  16. melouisef says:

    Actually hard to edit one’s own stuff!


  17. haydendlinder says:

    I proof read my book twice before sending it to the grammar Nazi I have for an editor and she sent me back something that had so much red in it that it looked like it had been used to clean up after a murder.

    Your poem however appears perfect and has now become MY favorite poem of all time!:)


  18. disperser says:

    I’ve found a shortcut . . . instead of reading and re-reading, I hit “publish”, and immediately 20-30 errors jump out at me!

    It saves time and effort.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Tell me about it! I can’t sign something off until I have done a clear read through. And then there is always author knows best…


    • colonialist says:

      That last bit was something I raised in the ‘lost’ comment on your blog – a blatantly repeated phrase in the opening paragraphs. ‘Done for effect,’ says he. ‘Too risky,’ says I. ‘I WANT it!’ says he …


      • Ah. Just read one of those opening page things recently. The odd spelling error, bad grammar and repetitive phrasing. Great start eh?

        Repeated phrasing can work but only when done very well. And not on the first page. To me.

        Most books go through a continuum, loads of errors up front, groan, then a nice relax, until more in the middle, and more at the end. Says a lot about the writing. And then there are the ones that are full of errors from start to finish…

        Editing is balancing a fine line between authors’ egos, money and abysmal grammar. I priced for something recently that has been edited twice, TWICE!! and is still full of errors.

        Now what else did the lost comment say? 😀


  20. Pussycat44 says:

    Your red writing here must have had many matching red lines! Nite, nite!


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