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Targeted by a mischievous demon.

Much time has been spent on home-to-be this week.  Above is one result. A weekend high(low)light: I want access through some private land and applied by email for a key, as invited on a notice at the (Fort Knox-type) entrance.  … Continue reading

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Friends for Tea and Patriotic Privates

Our visitors for tea Don’t always take a seat – Some use the table, see? I think that’s kind of neat.   Here Minky reaches out To take a little snack – Base leaves one in no doubt That colonies … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue: Daisy Daze Days …

I thought these two studies of not eating the daisies do have some discourse with one another?  For more Dialogue interpretations, go to the Weekly Photo Challenge here. © Colonialist August 2014 (WordPress)

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Disservice and Disrepair – Really Awful

All service and repairs And purchases of spares Provide a great excuse For customer abuse!  One, lacking knowledge, must Place in such folk one’s trust, And really must despise Technicians telling lies.  They tell you glibly that The gleeblewort’s gone … Continue reading

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A Little Biting Really Awful Humour.

A flea has an interesting life –   He gets to see very much more  Than any man usually does of his wife, And goes where no man’s gone before. While lady fleas may spend their days  In looking at something … Continue reading

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Showed up until show down.

The Exhibition with a long name closed at 17h00 today, and then a large group of exhausted exhibitors had to start packing away and clearing out.   I am now officially more bushed than the Amazon Forest.  Anyway, it was … Continue reading

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No show due to show – a fair affair, fair enough?

This shows why my attention is fully occupied at the moment.  The (takes deep breath) Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs for the Province of KwaZulu Natal (pant, pant) has organised – very well, I may say – a … Continue reading

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Pee see, really awfully.

WARNING:  May be considered offensive.  In fact, the full intention is for it to offend certain offensive readers very deeply – those meddling, mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, smarmy, infantile, holier-than-thou, illogical, proselytizing, mentally challenged and ugly members of the Pathetically Conciliatory persuasion. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette; My Silhouection.

For the gallery, click here.

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Weekly Pet Challenge: Annie one relaxing more?

WordPress is doing strange things.  I wondered why this post of last night attracted no attention whatsoever.   The explanation appears to be that although I know I shoved the ‘Publish’ button very firmly and was sure I saw a … Continue reading

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