(Inadvertently untitled) Of cool pix, editing and Elgar.

Durban Harbour

Durban Harbour on zoom

Something which caused me great sorrow was when my Nikon Coolpix, bought on a visit to the UK, suddenly started featuring pubs … er, bars … across every picture.  I was particularly fond of it because of the extreme battery life, plus the fact that it came with a spare one of those anyway.  It has been a staple for my blog.

I recently took it in for repairs.  After the quote, and I had been picked up off the floor and revived with smelling-salts and whatnot, it was suggested that for less than that cost I could get another more modern Coolpix – and also with a spare battery.  I sighed, and disrupted the lives of the moths in my pocket.

The above gives two views taken from the home of Br-and-Sr-i-l.  Normal, and zoom.  The central palm tree gives a reference point  Not bad, for something that can easily be slipped into a shirt pocket!

New home renovations etc are proceeding apace, and reports and pictures will follow.  I am still involved in a most exciting editing project which is coming to a head.   There is a deadline, because the celebrity author wants to take it to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October but the last chapters are yet to be written!

My driving listening at the moment is the saved fragments of the unfinished Third Symphony of Elgar.  It blows my mind.  What a tragedy he fell ill and died before he could complete it.  From the very first notes, there is a surging energy – a feeling of urgent purpose and a sort of inexorability …

In contrast, The Spanish Lady, his incomplete opera also on the same DVD, is lighter with some really enchanting melodies.

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Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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16 Responses to (Inadvertently untitled) Of cool pix, editing and Elgar.

  1. haydendlinder says:

    I have to concur Colonialist. Great shits.


  2. melouisef says:

    Yes the days of replacing and not fixing


  3. Battery life huh. I can’t work out if there is something wrong with my camera or that rechargeable batteries just end up dying anyway. Not that I’ve used my camera for ages, get better pix on iPhone 5 and it’s smaller, and the videos don’t zap the battery – and it cost more than a cheap camera. Fits in a shirt pocket though, or shorts pocket in my case.


  4. Ruth2Day says:

    I know my hubby likes to hold onto his dated and much loved appliances, but once forced to change he is akin to a new-born-appliance-man, telling all and sundry how wonderful things are!


  5. Sorry about the expensive camera trouble, and glad you’ve got it sorted. You must have been traumatised – there are no puns in your post (unless I missed them!)


  6. glad to see you and moths gave in and bought a new camera. you have been missing the old, highly lamented Coolpix.


  7. suzicate says:

    It’s always fun Breaking in (not as in dropping it!) a new camera. Great shits.
    Sounds like you are busy these days.


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