More dreamy and fishy stuff – also a spot of nightmare …

Dreamy Koi

I had intended to put this picture on my ‘Dreamy‘ previous post, but I can do it now because there were other fishy developments.  On the 8th I became a species of seabream – and one on endangered lists.  Yes, seventy-four.  This, after a day when one fin was out of action.  I have been given an underwater camera by the family.  Very kind; just what a seabream needs … or is it a hint that I should go and drown myself and take pictures while doing so?  Hmmm.

Due to lots of hammering, twisting screwdrivers, hacking at shrubbery, chainsawing, and generally over-exerting my arm, I have had a painful ‘tennis elbow’ for some weeks.  Finally, I decided to get a jab to sort it out, and have a full medical while I was at it.  Just to ensure that I would not leave anything out, I made a repair list.  A Really Awful one, of course:


To save some chat, considered that
All symptoms I should list
Like, I can’t eat too much that’s sweet –
Calf night-time cramps exist. 

My passage, rear, bit blocked I fear –
At times some red will show;
Leg has lump which, inclined to itch,
Is something you should know. 

On face a blob, unsightly (sob!),
Is hanging by a thread –
That I would like it on its bike
Can taken, be, as read!

In tennis game I have no fame,
But elbow will insist
That I must play it every day
To get such painful twist. 

Then, throat and chest are not the best,
So we will have to see:
Asthma the pest, or, as you guessed,
Perhaps COPD? 

Our family doctor (we share a great great grandfather, which makes him even more of a one) was mildly amused at this, and said blobs probs could be sorted with lazer and stuff, before getting down to doing checkup things.  None of my terra went incognito.

Then the elbow got attention.

The jab was excruciating.  What followed, after a brief period of relief, was worse.  Soon, I couldn’t even use the fingers of my right hand to type, and there was no comfortable way to hold the arm.  I slept with it propped on a pillow.

The next day I returned to the doctor/cousin, who looked unmoved at my swollen fingers and pained expression.  ‘Bit of a reaction.  It’ll soon wear off, and then you’ll be fine,’ he announced confidently.

I have to admit that it is now improving to the extent that it is back to where it was before I had the jab.  I hope it goes a lot beyond that – I deserve a good result after that amount of discomfort!  To say that it was truly ouchy is like saying Everest is quite a high hill.

There is much dashing about trying to organise the facelift of the new property.  With all the walls being knocked down toward Younger Daughter’s ideal of an Open Plan Home, it will soon be nothing more than a lot of holes attached to one another by a few bricks.

Since this picture was taken, several more walls have been reduced to rubble, the ceilings (which may look OK but weren’t) have been taken out entirely and replaced, and other things have happened I don’t even want to think about.   I shall blog them if I ever get five spare minutes again …

Home demolition

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Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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28 Responses to More dreamy and fishy stuff – also a spot of nightmare …

  1. Kev says:

    What a project… stay well. 🙂 HBD (belated)


  2. Hope that shoulder heals soon, Col! It can rather dominate things….your boundless energy with the new house never ceases to amaze me. Glad it’s all progressing according to plan.


    • colonialist says:

      It’s actually an elbow – typical strain injury they call ‘tennis elbow’ – and although I haven’t got rid of it I have now balanced it up nicely by getting it on the left one, too!


  3. The Asian says:

    I’ve spent too much time with doctors this month. My medical bills since the beginning of the month already amount t over R5000! I hope the elbow gets better soon and take it easy or at least easier for a bit!


  4. hahahaha thanks for the laugh (at your expense I’m afraid) – my friend had a similar reaction to a jab for RSI – do these doctors know what they are doing? Loovely poem by the way.


  5. Arkenaten says:

    Moving is one heck of a pain in the backside … and you have a pain in the arm to boot.

    Happy belated. Bday, Les. I wish you all the best my friend. Live long and prosper, as Mr. Spock was wont to say. Or at least, live a lot longer and don’t fester.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Grannymar says:

    A one week late belated happy birthday, Having spent four days doing what I used to do in one, I feel your pain. What was I at? Decorating my bedroom. Thankfully I had made the curtains and bought the new bedding before I started, so the curtains were hung today, after a visit to the vampire. The bed will be dressed tomorrow and moved back into place ready for some rest & sweet dreams.


  7. Hope your renovation project on your home turns out better than the renovation project on your body! 😉


  8. gpcox says:

    I don’t know how you have time to blog at all.


  9. misswhiplash says:

    well for a start……there are things that can be done
    If one is only twenty one
    But when the years begin to flow
    There is a difference that you should know

    Seventy one is a very good age for one to even reach
    Especially when most of it has been lived beside the beach
    But there comes a time in every life when age must take a care
    And banging, chopping, lifting straining every bone, will not get you there.

    This does not mean that nothing should get done
    in fact the opposite will keep the body well run
    But overdo it just a bit and you will pay the price
    As cortizone injection is never very nice

    I too have had my problems, with head and back and bones
    I have scanned the brain, the neck , the heart and other odd strange zones
    On Friday I shall take my body to see a Doctor Renee
    who will give me a full MOT to make sure of my sanity,

    She will scan my kidneys and liver, to see what caused the pain
    then we shall xray chest, done once before but now to be done again
    A blood test will then discover just why I feel so low
    And once all this is done my future I will know

    But at 75, I really cannot compete with those who are much less
    I try so hard to do these things yet get beaten by the stress
    So I come to the conclusion that life could be a breeze
    If only I would learn to do such things with ease..(.and so should you!!!) xxxxxxxx


    • colonialist says:

      A complete Epic on the subject! Bravo!

      I remember when one ate a seventy-four –
      Now one can’t do that any more,
      Those fish are rare as rare can be,
      And I don’t mean that they’re sushi!


  10. poor you. My sympathy and fellow feeling (no not that kind of feeling) on their way to you. When do you actually move into the new place? I had a 15 minute perfusion yesterday, for my crumbling spine. It didn’t hurt, but has left me dizzy.


  11. Colline says:

    I hope you get back the full use of your arm again soon. Cannot be a pleasant experience.


  12. suzicate says:

    The hubby and sons have underwater cameras, quite fun and interesting! Once you stop being so BUSY you’ll get to use yours more! Renovating takes lots of time and energy…and oh, money…but the results are marvelous.


  13. Yes, I can well imagine that your doctor was somewhat amused by your really awful rhyme. An underwater camera can be very useful if you’re under the water. Do you use it in the bath? Your renovations look extremely tame compared with ours.


  14. disperser says:

    Rest is the only thing that worked for me . . . but it looks like you’re just getting started.


    • disperser says:

      One more item . . . I’m sure your doctor (or someone) might have mentioned them, but just in case, I played racquetball for many years, and whenever I changed racquets, I had a tendency to develop tennis elbow due to the change in weight or balance.

      Also, when painting, raking, and so on.

      I took to wearing a tennis elbow wrap, basically a band that puts pressure on your forearm muscles just below the elbow.

      They seem to do the trick for me for both as treatment and as prevention (got so I always wore it when playing).

      You can Google(TM) them to see what they look like. Some people bought the expensive ones with various liquids, magnets, copper, or other presumed magical stuff, but the plain ones work just fine, and are a lot cheaper.


  15. Wow, what a lot of work….and a happy birthday along with all those medical probs….you really have been busy 🙂


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