Really awfully total insanity.

The day after tomorrow, we move into our new home.  Preparations are afoot.

Moving 1 Moving 2

The renovations aren’t quite ready.  Extra ceiling joists had to be put in, and an entirely new ceiling.  Also, the floor, having been stripped of parquet and slasto, now needs retiling.  Walls knocked down, or with holes pushed through them, need neatening.  Oh yes, and the kitchen has to be redone from scratch.  I wonder if we will occupy it by Christmas?

Renovations 1 Home demolition Renovations 2

Today, I assisted with the installation of some alternative accommodation on-site.  It may be a little cramped for three adults and two children, but what the heck.  I had to chainsaw madly to get chunks of that tree out of the way – my tennis elbows are now screaming nonstop.

The hut

Our phone and internet will have to be transferred.  How efficient that operation will be, time will tell.  If things go awfully quiet on this blog for a while, you will know why!

I have been writing limericks for Mad Kane’s challenges and not posting them for lack of time.  I did get the latest one in, though, and here are also some which missed the deadline:

A fellow who said he was ‘Fret
Desired a girl in his ‘bet’…
On way to be wed,
Fred in river bed sped,
So instead of wed, he got wet. 

This did not cause Fred much to fret
Though half-drowned and freezing, he yet
Got to honeymoon,
Where he got going, soon,
Before ‘on your marks’ or ‘get set’!


A fellow, alas, had been gored
At village show toreadored –
His damage was slight
From the onrushing might …
A goat was all they could afford!

 (Latest theme):

A fellow was fixing a switch,
But suddenly started to twitch:
It seemed that the main
‘D been switched on again,
Providing a re-volting hitch. 

A schoolteacher swishing a switch
The school had decided to ditch:
In this modern era
You can’t rule by fear; a
Real bit of a bitch for a witch.

Colonialist October 2014 (WordPress)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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22 Responses to Really awfully total insanity.

  1. Kev says:

    Like the limericks. (silly grin) 🙂


  2. equinoxio21 says:

    Preparations are afoot? Wasn’t it the Game, my dear Watson?
    Good luck Col-Les.


  3. Chaos will be transformed into a new home. Keep that in mind! 😉


  4. Sounds like so much work, but you also sound very clever and resilient in how you’re handling the wait! I hope it goes well…and that Internet connectivity is sooner than anticipated!


  5. nickczardas says:

    Good luck; sorry if its belated, can I back date it ?


  6. 68ghia says:

    You removed parquet floors? I would have been sad…
    As for packing up a lifetime in boxes has to be the saddest thing ever. I had to do it after my father died, and every time I’ve moved. Can’t see myself doing it again anytime soon.
    I wish you perseverance and hope Col…


  7. Gobetween says:

    Yikes, looks like a lot of work. I hope by Christmas you can relax and appreciate all the hard work.


  8. gpcox says:

    Here’s wishing you ALL the best with your new home!!


  9. Hope the move went well. I know how you feel–I’m moving, too. 4,000 miles away!


  10. Wishing you well with the move 🙂


  11. Arkenaten says:

    It’ll all get sorted. Eventually.
    I have a feeling to fit into your temporary digs you will all have to shed a few kilos.


  12. Please, what is Slasto? It looks as though you’re not having much fun at the moment. Moving is pretty god hell. We were without telephone and internet for three weeks (I was in hospital nursing a broken spine at the time) during last year’s debacle.

    When it’s all calmed down, I wish you every happiness in your new home.


  13. calmgrove says:

    Best wishes from me to you too, Col
    ‘Cause it sounds these won’t be days of much true “lol”
    So much unfinished biz
    Must leave you in a tis
    After moving you’ll be due for a real hol…


  14. cupitonians says:

    Good luck with the move. I hope nothing gets lost but hope you pick up some surprise things for good measure!


  15. Good luck with the move, Col. It’s a very stressful time for all concerned. Your really awful rhymes did cause me some merriment, especially ‘Wet Fret’. 🙂


  16. You are a brave, brave man, Col. I hope you’ll post after-move-in pics.


  17. susielindau says:

    I love home improvement, but this one’s a humdinger!


  18. not much is more stressful and stress-filled than moving. Hang in there, it will soon be over…..someday!


  19. Leanne Cole says:

    Good luck with it all. I’ve moved plenty of times, but never to a house that was being built or renovated.


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