Tragedies, contd.

And now, from our Doom and Gloom Department … (well, not entirely) …

We attended a funeral today of the brother of a childhood friend of Elder Daughter – a friendship going so far back that we remember that hers was the first birthday party (5th)that ED was invited to.  The brother was only in early fifties – it seems scary that so many people we know have such short lifespans.  Stupid to think that way, I know – people are dying at all ages and from various causes all the time.

Anyway, there was an opportunity to catch up with some people we had sort-of lost touch with – one, at least, that I would never have suspected had any connection with the family –  and that might well not have had touch restored had it not been for the funeral.  Do any of you recall a sad occasion with some happy outcomes?

Regarding the freak accident I told about here, the victim is working hard at getting the sort of mobility which will enable him to be transferred to a hospital able to give the many weeks of exercising and training needed to handle his handicap. His attitude remains amazingly positive.  The way he sees it, the hand has been dealt and it is up to him to make the best possible use of the cards.

Here is the front-page report of the accident which appeared after my post:

Rowan in hospital

Note the height of the building from which the glass fell.

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17 Responses to Tragedies, contd.

  1. The Asian says:

    I hope things start cheering up soon. All these bad happenings at once makes everything seem unbearable


  2. Sonel says:

    I for one don’t like funerals or weddings. Too many people and some even cry at weddings. 😛
    That was some freak accident for sure. Makes you wonder what fate is up to.


  3. Grannymar says:

    We reach a stage in life when friends and relations are falling like autumn leaves yet the creaking gates seem to last forever. My sympathies to you and all concerned.

    Many years ago I was attending the funeral of a favourite Uncle, a work collague suddenly appeared in front of me with the question; “What are you doing here?” My last name had not registered. I discovered that my late uncle had been his teacher for many years!

    Healing hugs to Rowan his attitude to the dreadful accident is an example for all of us


  4. I hope your doom and gloom are lightened soon. You ask about happy outcomes from sad occasions: I can remember some funerals like that, though it is sad that it takes a death to bring together people who should never have lost touch in the first place.

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  5. Millie Ho says:

    Sorry for your loss. The function of a funeral is indeed similar to a gathering place for missed connections to some extent. Ironically, a recent funeral I just attended featured more strangers than familiar faces. It’s interesting to see that a funeral is no longer about celebrating the deceased, but more about community involvement. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.


  6. tobyo says:

    I am sorry for your loss 😦

    I have a happy ending from a sad occasion. at the funeral for my best friends’ parents who were tragically killed in a small plane crash(they were in their 60s I think)…. my hubby and I reconnected, then we got together a few months later and we’ve been married nearly 25 years ❤

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  7. disperser says:

    Can’t read the article, but even the summary leaves one shaking one’s head.


    • colonialist says:

      The consequences of being at the wrong place at the wrong second are mind-blowing. It works the other way, too. We knew someone who stopped late at night at an intersection in London during WW2, feeling rather silly because it was obvious nothing was coming from either direction. The spot where he would have been had he not stopped was obliterated by a doodlebug.

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