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Ritual Slaughter and Racism

Today an article appears in The Telegraph which equates campaigning against ritual slaughter with being racist.  The writer should come to South Africa and join the pathetic group who claim that every ill is a ‘Legacy of Apartheid’ even when the evidence … Continue reading

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No internet in a tick – so quick pic and limerick!

Once a dreadfully flatulent horse Was, for pulling a carriage, in force: Fares emerged from the haze In a bit of a daze … The driver was Gaston, of course. © Colonialist July 2015 (WordPress)  

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The Anti-Blogging Conspiracy

This weekend the fates have conspired to ensure that Colonialist did no blogging.  Starting with the electricity going off at 6 p.m on Friday, there have been regular cuts throughout the weekend.  Then there have been urgent calls on my … Continue reading

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A Dogmatic Africanis and Despicable Vermin.

© Colonialist In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.” My macro equipment doesn’t really do justice to anything much closer up than this.  However, this gives a good study of Annie, an Africanis of complex character.  … Continue reading

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Bathroom grand designs – less is more

Thought I’d show you the new bathroom in more detail.  First, a view of the original.  Next to it (and never photographed, for whatever reason) was a long room with a toilet right at the far end of it – … Continue reading

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Really Awfully No Reg-wet at Wet!

We have a soggy scene. Which fills us with great glee, For really dry it’s been – Yes, even near the sea! But it is teeming down In buckets and in drums, And nobody will frown If lots and lots … Continue reading

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Adverbs used real awful

To use the proper adverbial form It seems, sad, that is no longer the norm – For the ‘-ly’ one must sparing place So now, one’s finding requests to, ‘Come quick!’ Which makes me increasing feel a bit sick It … Continue reading

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Striking a Really Awfully Happier Chord

More than a year ago         You saw me here re-chord Some notes of utter woe At seeing pianos go That were so much adored. Well, early now this year, I tried some keyboards out, But all of those, I fear, … Continue reading

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Half and Half, or Bewildering Be-Buildering.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.” Gradually it has happened that the only remaining original parts of the house we are waiting patiently to move into are the walls (most of them, anyway) and the roof.  … Continue reading

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Woeful Wails – When Life Sounds Like a Different Kind of Beach

In March I threw a pity party on the subject of cellulitis.  This was such a resounding failure I have decided to do it again. Friday early evening saw me galloping merrily up and down steps in between some serious … Continue reading

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