Bathroom grand designs – less is more

Thought I’d show you the new bathroom in more detail.  First, a view of the original.  Next to it (and never photographed, for whatever reason) was a long room with a toilet right at the far end of it – a real throne-room, allowing for lots of bowing on the way. 

This bathroom didn’t look too bad, did it (if the shade is to one’s taste)?  However, closer inspection revealed a lot of blemishes.  Cracked and stained tiles, windows full of rot, dreadful plumbing, and so on …

Old bathroom

Now the wall has come out, and the bath, basin and toilet have been persuaded to share their space with a shower.  The effect, if I say so myself, is stunning.  My objections to the new configuration, based on, ‘What happens if somebody has to go when somebody else is having a bath?’ were responded to with, ‘Unlikely; and they can use the new one off the main bedroom, anyway’.  Fair enough.




Note the nifty soak-and-sulk-seat in the shower!



A bit difficult to make out, here, is the fact that there is a recessed medicine chest with mirrors in front and inside.  The left-hand door is open.  Those things usually jut out, and I think it was worth removing a section of wall to give this treatment. The other side (in the second bedroom) has been filled in to look like any other part of the wall.

I think it all works pretty well – now to get other bits of the house to fall completely into place.  Unfortunately it is now a choice between waiting for our star of a builder to finish another ultra-urgent job, or get in another, probably ‘iffy’, one.  I think we’ll wait.  Our first experiences of those whose only real talents lay in the gift of the gab and/or robbing one blind have been enough for a lifetime.

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36 Responses to Bathroom grand designs – less is more

  1. Tokeloshe says:

    Very well done🛀


  2. I just love the transformation! The natural color scheme and especially the stone “trim” around the wall. Spectacular!


  3. Zirkie says:

    I just Love the new bathroom! It is beautiful!


  4. d1nx says:

    Amazing work and what a gorgeous transformation. Your talent never ends!


  5. Gobetween says:

    great job, it looks bigger now


  6. Mél@nie says:

    very fancy, indeed… 🙂


  7. melouisef says:

    Looks very nice indeed. We also have one of those corner baths in the one bathroom without a shower. Will be looking for a shower enclosure for that form


  8. Well done. Those jutting cabinets are for banging one’s head on – yours is much better. And I love the seat in the shower – I could do with one of those. I hope your star builder is soon back with you.


  9. Ruth2Day says:

    oh my, that is a great improvement. Happy days


  10. susielindau says:

    Very impressive!


  11. looks absolutely lovely. and much nicer than moldy tiles!!


  12. Beautiful ❤️ I agree less is more and it’s fantastic! My hubs and I love the sleek modern and non-ornate look also 😎


  13. Colline says:

    This grand bathroom is definitely well worth the renovation. Very stylish.


  14. gipsika says:

    Looking great. 🙂


  15. disperser says:

    Very nice work and details.


  16. Pussycat44 says:

    I love the shower seat. Are those mosaic tiles on the shower floor bigger squares than the normal mosaics? I have been looking all over for those. My shower floor looks ugly and I don’t have a seat in there (not that I need one yet).


  17. What a difference. Love the tile choice/ detailing. recessing the med. cabinet is a smart way to go. Hang on to that builder.


  18. Looking really super, Col. Love the ‘soak and sulk’ seat. 🙂


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