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Life can (still) be a real beach!

One of the saddest things about losing our old home was the lack of access to an unspoilt beach through the fascinating dune forest.  I had forgotten that I am one of the custodians of a conservancy which has just … Continue reading

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Really Awful Quote of the Day

To those to whom, concern, it may, You don’t know who I am, I say, And that’s the way It’s gonna stay!  –               Anonymous

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Really Awful Car-lamity, Exercising Temper-Rants*

Selling cars, the regulation Calls for forms for registration; Phoned: ‘We close at half-past-two;’ Went at two the deed to do.          Woe! The gates were firmly closed – ‘Cept when leaving was proposed – Guards at gate waved all away, … Continue reading

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Sea-through doors

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Door.” (And for something else not a door able, look here!) © Colonialist July 2015 (WordPress)

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