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We Mak aranga -ments for Makaranga

Today it was decided that we would breakfast at one of our favourite places for getting a change of air – the Makaranga garden in Kloof. At 33 km away from home (30 minutes-odd) it is just far away and … Continue reading

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Angles on a slide-show.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.” Following on the jungle gym demolition featured yesterday, I now focus on an article which kept slipping in prominently – the slide.  Yesterday afternoon it occurred to me that I should … Continue reading

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A Platform for a Really Awfully Moving Activity

Next door there was a jungle gym Of size that was impressive New tenants took a view quite dim (With kids they’re not progressive): They thought some flowers on that spot Quite greatly would improve it; Their landlord told me, … Continue reading

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A flying start at the tail-end of Wordless Wednesday

(I can never be totally wordless – as may have been noticed time and again!) The above picture reminded me strongly of this illustration Amanda Fieldgate did for my ‘Immy’ series, of Immy with hair also flying … © Colonialist August … Continue reading

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Recording a Good Day Gives a Bad Day …

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.” I’ve always blithely ignored ‘Gallery’ before – not knowing what it was.  This prompt has made me find out.  I like it.  I did wonder, vaguely, how … Continue reading

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Return of Roving Retainer Gets One’s Goat …

– The missing maid breezed in this morning at her normal ten-minutes-late time. Pressed for an explanation, she conveyed that her son had been taken to hospital with chest problems – we think tuberculosis, but can’t be sure as this … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Missing Maid –

– Dilemma of the Disappearing Domestic – Conundrum of the Clean-gone Cleaner – Vicissitude of the Vanishing Varletess – Amazing Affair of the Absconded Abigail* – Once upon a time, in fact three years ago, the family took on the services of a … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Beyond Be Leaf!

A lawn is quite a pleasant spot Where leaves may lie and start to rot; No wind, and see leaves fall like rain … Yet some go flying up again! … You give a scream, but soon you’ve got Relief that … Continue reading

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More Pictures at an Exhibition, and Including Mussorgsky/Ravel

And now, a few shots to show some of the demonstrations given by the talented members of DCHS which contributed towards receiving the ‘Best in Category’ Certificate: © Colonialist August 2015 (WordPress)

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Really Awfully Good Exhibitionism

In the previous post is a reference to the Durban and Coast Horticultural Society’s stand at the Sustainable Living Exhibition in Durban.  The main exhibit of the Association of Garden Judges subsection was this miniature, now seen with a lower … Continue reading

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