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The Weekend Weather was Very Cold and Windy and Still and Misty and Thunder-stormy with Torrents, and Very Hot and Sunny

Still, as the pictures may show, we enjoyed our visit to the haunted (Shhhhhh! They’re trying to live that down – it scares the kiddies away) Mountain Park Hotel. © Colonialist (WordPress) November 2015             … Continue reading

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A Facial Transplant in Transition

Transition is the current Daily Post Photo Challenge. Our state of transition from one home to another has been protracted for over a year now while renovations have been undertaken.  Meanwhile we all continue to live in the tiny cottage further down … Continue reading

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Of Goose-stepping and Heron Volk

Here we have yesterday’s picture of the pool geese at young R’s school having just dived in for a little duck before the School Swimming Squad get in their way with their own ducking and diving training.  At this rate, I … Continue reading

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The Really Awful Point of Goose for Breakfast

We breakfasted on Sunday Within the PYC* It’s clear it was a fun day For anyone to see. Here, someone dropped an anchor Of quite ginormous kind – For shore they had a hanker – But grandkids didn’t mind! Then … Continue reading

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A Quartet of Trios with Coda

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge Trio: This trio is banded together, By musical ties you can sever … (Though squeakers they be, Harmoniously, Which is, I suppose, very clever.)   And talking of trios, I wrote … Continue reading

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A Beginning Style Ended

Originally posted on Leslie Hyla Winton Noble:
Andrew Carnegie who funded libraries much frequented by me in my youth. (Image: Project Gutenberg) Here follows the opening paragraph of a novel: The day was hot. An August sun, with the sky…

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A Suicidal-Terrorist Antivirus

Recent events in Paris and elsewhere relating to misled fanatics highlight a dreadful situation, and some choices which I doubt if authorities will have the guts to take.  There is not much use in only pouring invective on the fanatics … Continue reading

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A Mystery View

At Winsome View Animal Farm The kids lots could choose to do, Though setting is lovely and calm Mist means it is ‘Lose-some View’! Their horse-ride was taken in rain, Photography was no go; Thought we’d never warm up again … Continue reading

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A Splash of Growing Towards Victory

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.” Although the grandkids, in past week, At galas, they did go for it, I fear my shots were rather bleak, So I have naught to show for it; Much better … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day, Delville Wood, and a March.

At the 11th hour of 11th November, 1918, an armistice was signed ending the four years of warfare in World War 1.   Since that time it has been a custom in Commonwealth countries to honour the fallen on that date every … Continue reading

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