Beachcomber’s Diary – Rock and Roll

Back a couple of years, a beachcombing report was a regular part of my blog. Then life got in the way of beachcombing.  Bad idea.  I need to reverse that trend fifth or sixthwith.  Now that I have access to a path again, I can do something about it – although the path gave a little surprise in that recent rains dislodged a lump of sandstone about the size of a large version of one of those JoJo tank thingies and dumped it slap in the middle of the steps, busting quite a few. I didn’t get a picture, alas, before a team of local labour was pointed at it and told not, under any circumstances, to damage it in any way.  By the next day, of course, it had been reduced to tiny bits and removed.

Anyway, armed with an available grandkid, I actually got to the beach again and we ranged over a very unpromising-looking expanse.  Tides have currently (haha) created steep sandbanks which are as mean as the commercial banks when it comes to providing interest.  It takes a brave and resolute shell to ride a wave all the way up the slope and then stick around without being washed straight down again – repeat cycle until reduced to shingle. 

J on beach path

Still, she got a good rock shell, and I found two cowries.  One of the latter was in that pristine glossy state – which tends to photograph rather badly because of the reflection. This was the best I could do. 

Cowrie, false cockle, etc

And then, propped on a false cockle to show it up better.

Cowrie on false cockle and others

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Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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26 Responses to Beachcomber’s Diary – Rock and Roll

  1. This looks like great fun, I used to go looking for fossils


  2. Tokeloshe says:

    I like going beach combing with you and your strandlopertjie 🙂


  3. Jou kleindogtertjie lyk so gelukkig…


  4. Stephanie Haahjem says:

    Loved this, still have bowls of sea-shells around to remind me that the sea really DOES exist-so long since last seen by me!


    • colonialist says:

      I remember the old days when I was unimpressed with the idea of only seeing the sea twice a year – sometimes only once! I couldn’t wait to get on that train. Never forget the year three of us went down and Fred tried to get drowned and all of us, including Paul, got checked out one night by a leopard as a possible supper neatly wrapped in a tent.


  5. adeeyoyo says:

    My goodness, memories came flooding in… I could walk for hours up and down the tideline with my eyes glued to the ground. Cake tins filled with shells – where are they now, I wonder?


  6. Colline says:

    Beautiful finds.


  7. equinoxio21 says:

    Good. Not goo. Sorry. Pardon. We don’t want goo.


  8. equinoxio21 says:

    That’s pretty goo Col. Since shells, cauris were once money, you can take your money to the bank.


  9. What a nice collection, and yes more beach combing is always the answer✨


  10. disperser says:

    Beach combing is a favorite pastime of mine . . . every few years when I am near a beach.


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