Of Goose-stepping and Heron Volk

Geese at swimming training

Here we have yesterday’s picture of the pool geese at young R’s school having just dived in for a little duck before the School Swimming Squad get in their way with their own ducking and diving training.  At this rate, I will be able to run a feature of ‘Goose Photo of the Day’.

Seven layers of permaculture
Anyway, today a few of we Durban and Coast Horticultural Society members attended the first meeting of a group which will engage in developing the Permaculture project of Durban Botanic Gardens – the oldest existing Botanical Garden in Africa, by the way. More on that subject will follow in the future …

I had to leave early to attend a luncheon, but Much Better Half and her sister stayed on for the first inspection of the site.  They were on their way back through the gardens when they saw a poor heron flapping furiously, attached to some wood by an irresponsible fisherman’s line.  * They yelled for assistance, and a couple of ornithologists came running and managed to immobilise the bird – but they couldn’t free the line.  Sister-in-Law frantically asked a passing groundsman to find a knife – but his disinterested response was that he had his own work to do. 

I would love to find him and deliver a little lecture on how to set priorities. Together with a few hefty kicks – just to keep his attention, of course.

Anyway, S-in-L suddenly remembered that she had a small penknife in her bag – a legacy from a previous Christmas – and the scissors on that did the trick.  The heron flew away, and one can only hope that no permanent damage was caused by the nylon cruelly cutting into his legs, and that no infection will set in.

Why are there so many detestably irresponsible humans? They really aren’t entitled to any share of space, food, air or water.

*ADDENDUM:  The mate was trying to stand on this large stick to enable the other bird to break free – that shows real intelligence!  Then it flew onto an island in the pond and watched throughout.

Talking of water, despite serious drought conditions a water main near us gave way today for the second time within a few weeks, probably as a result of inept repairs the first time, causing massive wastage and meaning that our drinking water for afternoon use has had to be collected in buckets from a tanker driving round the suburb with a loud-hailer.   Water for toilets etc we have borrowed from the pool.

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19 Responses to Of Goose-stepping and Heron Volk

  1. beeblu says:

    The Botanical Gardens has always been one of my favourite places in Durban


  2. Well done Much Better Half and S-i-L. I love your use of the word “borrowing” of water for the toilet! Repayment how? in kind?


  3. That pool looks irresistible. As for fishing lines … add hooks to the list. Our dog got one in his tongue when he was sniffing around on the beach. Evil to get out as it was one of those double hooked things. I’ve no idea how Partner managed it, I was a panicking wreck.


    • colonialist says:

      There was a hook involved in this little incident, too.
      Panic mode is understandable in such circumstances! The thought of trying to extract such a thing from a tongue does incline me towards it.


  4. adeeyoyo says:

    I used to love a traipse around the Botanical Gardens now and then.


  5. de Wets Wild says:

    Holding thumbs that what goes around comes around, both for those that wouldn’t help, and for the samaritans!


  6. MoreThanACat says:

    The way the two ducks are standing, reminds me of the Baldwin, Ramsey Mac photograph: http://content.ngv.vic.gov.au/retrieve.php?size=1280&type=image&vernonID=7568
    I think I need to get out more


  7. disperser says:

    There are so many humans unworthy of the classification . . . but, apparently we are supposed to tolerate them. Feel sorry for them, even.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh, I’m so glad the heron was freed at last. How thoughtless and uncaring some folk are. One wishes that they could find themselves in the same predicament and learn a lesson or two. I do agree with you about their being oxygen thieves. Love the goose photo. 🙂


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