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Would One Love to see these? (Weekly Photo Challenge)

(Imagine shot of tennis match here.  I had a few but can’t find them.) One Love down in tennis? Next game just try harder! ‘One love’ here’s a menace – He raids out the larder! Sole cat left of thirteen, We must … Continue reading

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Quests for Harmony

 Will it cause dissonance if I am late for the Weekly Photo Challenge themed  Harmony? Though marketing does cause alarm I hope that it will do no harm If I may show, so you can see A cover of some … Continue reading

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Sad and Happy Tails

Today I was barely awake when Younger Daughter detoured from her trip from J’s school to work and thrust an injured ibis into my arms.  She had spotted it lying in a driveway en route.  Ants had already been attacking the poor creature. … Continue reading

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TIme March-es On – The Hare, The Hare, Never Mind!

Today is ‘Rabbits!’ day once more For anyone who cares – Except, this month, perhaps the score Is counted up in hares? (Illustrations, of course, by John Tenniel) © March 2016 Colonialist (WordPRess)

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