A Really Awfully Backward Rite

I drove this today, but it didn't actually feature in the sad tale below ...

I drove this today, but it didn’t actually feature in the sad tale below …

The GloPoWriMo day 28 for today calls for a story to go backward.  Well, I’ve always been a backward sort of person, so this is right up my alley, or left down my yella!
(If you get hopelessly lost, start at the bottom and work up!)

The rite I need to do right now is write and let them know,  

The tracking says it did go through, and that they’ve got the dough,

I finally unearthed the form when closest to defeat,

It took most of the day to find where I’d put the receipt,

I was informed they’ll lock me up if I don’t promptly pay!

Things went all quiet for seven months, until, that is, today;

Well, regist’ring  a money order was what I did there;

They said, ‘Can’t do; it won’t go through,’ and I was in despair;

By electronic means the fine from me to fleece

‘Twas tried at supermarket and post office and police,

The date was, though, already most decidedly too late;

I had to send a hundred to them by a certain date;

I got these threats: No longer would I be allowed to drive,

Initial summons, very simply, never did arrive,

My number plate, the speed I did, most sadly did not dim it,

It seems in May last year that I expeeded the seed limit,

This is the sort of news I cannot say that I take best …

Today I learnt a warrant was now out for my arrest.

© April 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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5 Responses to A Really Awfully Backward Rite

  1. toutparmoi says:

    A tour-de-force. It works either way!


  2. Jiminy Cricket that’s weird. I didn’t know there was a seed limit – I suppose to prevent too much jugle?


  3. This is so, so clever!


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