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Really Awfully Early Spring and Late Crazy Paving

It is not quite August, yet, and spring is making itself felt with blossoms here and there, and last night the toads we imported from our previous residence (with our pond fish) started croaking songs of love.  The first yellow-billed … Continue reading

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The Really Awful Stars by Day

Do you believe you see a star By day, from down a shaft quite far? Well, actually, this is untrue; It is a thing you cannot do. Though Aristotle said it’s so, And Hershel, who should better know, The light at … Continue reading

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Season to Seize on Seas on What One Sees on a Narrow View

I visited the private beach path I help maintain to see how it had withstood the recent deluges.  It had fared rather well, with only two of my latest steps at the bottom having suffered.  The path beyond that, though, … Continue reading

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A Mystery Cat and the Hidden Paw …

‘Macavity’s a Mystery Cat: he’s called the Hidden Paw –‘  T.S. Eliot © July 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Ins and Outs of Really Awful Weather and Early Springs.

 The lightn-in-g has taken the in-ternet out The satellite dish was blown in, Which meant, in-side, TV was out with-out doubt, While thunder out-side made a d-in.  The rain in great buckets was seen sheeting in, In road, street-light also … Continue reading

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A Soggy Scene

Today, it rained.  It did a lot of that.  Then, pleased with its efforts, it did it a considerable bit more. Here is a picture taken by Younger Daughter on her way back from work.  Heavy vehicles creating a wake. Boating … Continue reading

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Wordle 258 in order, rhyming.

  With high tide ends the spell on beach, Pause; smell sea air at branch of track; First, call a vote for trip to reach Beach-bag we see as we look back; I lose the spin, but there to teach … Continue reading

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Tripping Along Really Awfully

Today on dash back to our door I tripped and fell on concrete floor, Full-length, just as I took a stride Up to veranda on one side; I bashed my forehead and my knee – It was a sorry sight to see! … Continue reading

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Whale of a Sail

The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge for the current week has a theme of Cherry On Top. Out to sea for a sail Is enjoyment non-stop, Even on a grey day; Having sight of a whale Gives the cherry on top … Continue reading

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Not Really Awful Knob

I have a brass knob, I declare, Replacing the thing that was there; Though harder, no doubt, To get in or out, One simply must handle with care. And surely the sight of it will Provide all the girls with a … Continue reading

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