A Cat Flap and a Flap About a Cat

I was enormously chuffed to be tagged on Facebook by my most faithful fan, now a grown young lady, who has bought (or had bought for her) all my books, and has always said lovely things about them.  She reposted this Happy Pets Club video and commented: ‘This reminds me of a certain striped hero of my childhood.’


I responded, ‘I always said Tabika’s exploits were based on fact!’

Tabika Amazon CoverI have previously posted about one of our cats working out how to open doors from inside or outside, and causing storms of recriminations between Much Better Half and self when he was constantly found with Younger Daughter in her cot.  ‘You left the door open again!’ ‘No, I didn’t, you did!’ ‘No, it must have been you, and you should be more careful.  The baby might smother!’  ‘I … WAS … NOT … THE … ONE … WHO … LEFT … IT … OPEN!’  Etc.

He was eventually caught out when he opened our bedroom door.  At midnight.  While I was reading a ghost story.  Handle went down, door opened.  Nothing there when I dashed (he had sneaked inside).  Eeek!  A little later I caught him in the light of my torch (flashlight for USA readers) hanging on the handle on his way out again.  Mystery solved.

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10 Responses to A Cat Flap and a Flap About a Cat

  1. So I am unfamiliar with the word “chuffed” and so I looked it up on dictionary.com. I was amused to find that this British word is it’s own antonym. It can mean either “delighted; pleased; satisfied” (which is, I assume, the meaning you were going for) or “annoyed; displeased; disgruntled” (which is what it sounds like it should mean). Thanks for sending me on a word hunt today. Oh, and cute cat!


  2. So ‘n kostelike video en so tipies kat! Hulle bly maar hoogs eiewyse diere…Het jou storie oor die deuroopmaker baie geniet.


  3. toutparmoi says:

    So true. I once read a Scientific Statement along the lines of cause and effect, and that cats hadn’t figured this out because they didn’t understand the relationship of handle to door. Of course they do. It’s just that some door handles are easier for cats to open than others.

    Mind you, I wouldn’t open doors if I lived where a screech would bring a door-opener running.


    • colonialist says:

      Just as our cat, fully aware that there is an open window, will often demand entrance through the door. Just to maintain supremacy.
      We had a cat that even mastered doorknobs. They were of good old-fashioned quality and operated far more smoothly than the junk sold these days.

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  4. don’t know why I used the () either must be going senile!


  5. Don’t know why (I ticked the like box) I’m a dog man, for which my Coco is eternally grateful, woof!


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